Snow Blocks - I want to buy.

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  1. Hey guys, I'm looking to accumulate a metric ton of snow blocks for building on my residences, and I'm seeking help.

    I am willing to pay 3,456 rupees per double chest of snow blocks, limit 2 double chests. If anyone is selling, please contact me via PM or in-game if you see me.
  2. Cool what are you building?
  3. I am using them for the walls of my buildings, a simple use, but I like the way they look.
  4. ok i have like 3 blocks so I am not a big help sorry.
  5. I think I may have like a stack but I guess I could go to the wild and get more:)
  6. what smp are you on at what res number
  7. ive got two double chests when you going to be on
  8. Didnt u leave ?
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  9. Hey joe I know I sold you some already but I have more they are in my shop so go to 8432!
  10. i honestly dont think you are paying enough, mabe 10k per DOUBLE chest
  11. Can I still sell you some, or are you done getting snow?