*sniff sniff* GOODBYE YOUTUBE!

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Are you sad for me

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Yes!!! That sounds so sad!! :( 5 vote(s) 13.2%
  1. H...H...Hello EMC,

    today is a sad day.
    Today I recieved an email from a lady named Jeanette Hughes.
    She works at the youtube company.
    She said I violated the terms of service or something. I was spamming :(

    I think that is enough said.

    Your sad friend,

    WAHAHAHAHAHAHA! :( *so many tears*
  2. So your banned from Youtube? I'm confused:confused:. If you are banned from youtube make a new account:p
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  3. It is always a good thing to check on rules/terms of service at first hand.. to not be sad afterwards. Sorry to hear that.
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  4. awh bby :( I'm so sorry
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  5. My parents always dont have me do that and it works out fine. :(
  6. Well It was a dang fraud D:<

  7. Did you spam?
  8. It was obvious from the start it was fake. Google wouldn't contact you using a person's name, and they certainly wouldn't ban you for spamming - that's not actually 'possible' on YouTube. They only really 'ban' people for having multiple copyright violations on their account. Read the site ToS to stop yourself from looking like a fool in the future.
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  9. I dont know if i did or didnt dont think i did because it was a fraud :/
  10. It's certainly fake, Google would never send a name in an email. It's normally an automated system email. Can I ask what the sender's email was?
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  11. Kids are very gullible...
  12. I'm pretty sure they don't contact you from their google accounts with their names showing...
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  13. I hate when people say thaat... A guy said that to me and my parents got mad. (WARNING)
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  14. It's not that kids are gullible, it's that their parents don't teach them how to appropriately act and handle things on the internet. There is a proper and an improper way to handle emails from unfamiliar or unknown people. You've found the improper way :)
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  15. Is that supposed to be a threat to him? :confused:
  16. I guess, it's only a 16 hour drive to Texas...
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  17. If you are 13 and over or with a parents permission, you are able to access this website (Or lie about your age) :p
  18. also, you wouldnt work at the youtube company
    youd work at the google company
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  19. Were there any links in the email you clicked? Sketchy emails usually have sketchy links that try to get you to download sketchy things.
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  20. Yea....