Snapshot 12w21b

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  1. So, apparently 21a killed someone's cat and went on a crime spree so they had to release 21b. In this snapshot, creative menus have been sorted into categories. List of changes follows:
    1. Client + "Listen" Server
    2. "Dedicated" Server (or .exe)
    • Blocks and items are sorted by category, each category in its own tab. The categories are:
    • Building Blocks
    • Decoration Blocks
    • Redstone
    • Transportation
    • Miscellaneous
    • Foodstuffs
    • Tools
    • Combat
    • Brewing
    • Materials
    • The inventory can be searched for specific items: just start typing while in the inventory screen. The search results will be displayed in the Search Items tab.
    • The player's survival mode inventory is accessible via a tab with the chest as its icon.
    • Brewed potions will not be included in their own category.
    • To close the new inventory window you must press 'Esc'. Using the default inventory key does not currently work.
    • Added Monster Egg (Silverfish blocks) to Creative inventory.
    • Saving and Loading chunks is slightly faster.
    Bug Fixes:
    Notable bugs (Complete bug list):
    • When generating a world or exiting a world, the "saving chunks" and "loading chunks" is absent.
    • Pressing F2 to take a screenshot on Creative Mode's Inventory will cause it to switch to the Search Tab. [2]
    • Killing a medium slime may spawn a large slime instead of a small slime.
    • English (US) is missing from the language selection screen.
    • The on-state Redstone Torch can be found in the "Decoration Blocks" tab, instead of the "Redstone" tab. Meanwhile, the off-state Redstone Torch can be found in the "Redstone" tab.