smp9 laggin out

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  1. Smp9 seem to be getting lag server wide, wild and town

    supoorter chat is blowing up about and town chat also several people in my vent are complaining about it
  2.'s getting steadily worse :(
  3. and just after they fixed the server spam...
  4. I destroyed a wall in my house and it lagged back in. lol kay.
  5. trying to stock and sort my small. not happening with this lag so now im running circles on my platoform
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  6. Well, I'm currently at the Pazzo iron farm (By far the most likely zone for lag) and am perfectly fine.
  7. What did Aikar do now.
  8. Nothing, as far as I can tell lol, but it's apparently lagging for everyone else
  9. You shouldn't disclude Aikar so qouick
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  10. I had a bit of lag earlier haven't logged on since. When I was on being in a minecart was dreadful!
  11. Had a bit of lag earlier today on smp1 and 3 - although I was in a skype call and it was mostly client side lag. Usually when servers start to lag this bad they need to be rebooted and have their RUN.bat files cleaned.
  12. On SMP-1 it is pretty good. Not real big lag. The only thing that is leggy is when you go to a firework res with hundreds of fireworks at once, then it lags out.
  13. In both those cases it probably just would have been low FPS.

    And in regards to the fireworks, you would be very hard job to lag out a server with fireworks.
    Aikar once tested with hundreds apparently and all it does is crash client side.
  14. We tested them out the other day on smp1 - they were exceeding their height limits and at some points crashed everyone on the server and everybody was lagging...I don't see how that is client side lag even if people who were nowhere near the fireworks were lagging too.