SMP9 Casino - Coming soon to 18700

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  1. Beta testing is closed. A potentially crippling issue has been found, allowing false wins in certain situations. Please bear with us as we work to fix it.

    NOW BETA TESTING! A functional machine is built, now we need to stress test it! Please stop by 18700 if you get the chance, winners during the Beta phase will receive a special, limited edition 18700 Casino Beta Block (renamed Lapis block)! This is the only time you will be encouraged to find flaws/exploits with any machine.:D

    I have been thinking about building a casino for a long time, and had one a while back. A few days ago, supereskimo asked me if I still had the old one, and I got thinking maybe it was time for a revival.

    Supereskimo and I have decided to work together to build a new casino on SMP9, at 18700. Construction will probably be complete sometime within the next week or two. I will post screenshots of progress all throughout. This project will require a ridiculous amount of quartz, redstone, and other resources, so of course donations would be greatly appreciated.

    Opening Day is January 17th at 8am PST!
    Sorry, we will not be opening due to this issue with the machine. It will be significantly longer before we are able to open. Sorry for the delay :(
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  2. have you gotten a mod to approve on the casino?
  3. Cannot wait Bemvino!

    I believe you have to PM BigDavie on the site to get it approved, or at least last time I saw someone make one you did, so that is probably worth a shot :)
  4. Yes. Forgot to mention that, but I am aware of the gambling rules. It's difficult to get approval on machines that aren't built yet, but when the casino is complete it will of course be approved before opening.
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  5. Bump! Servers are back up, and we are working on gathering resources. Lots and lots of quartz will of course be needed, as well as redstone, glass and a reasonable amount of emeralds. We'll be spending a good deal of time in the nether :p
  6. Bump. Here are some screenshots of the current build plans using some beautiful shaders :)
    (White stained glass will likely be used instead of normal glass.)
    Thoughts? And yes, I realize that there is currently no floor area other than the bottom floor, don't worry, that will be filled in as we see fit.

  7. looks awesome man!
  8. If you have a large atrium stretching down the middle of that, that'll be amazing! :D
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  9. lol FDNY, you avatar pic was taken at the site of DemonThunder345's new Casino. :p
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  10. im not fdny...
  11. lol whoops wrong quote :p
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  12. But I am. :)
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  13. *Thinks about Oceans 11* Davie: What you thinking about? Me: Me? Oh... uhhh... nothing :)
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  14. Update: Previous plans for the building have been scrapped. Although beautiful, it would have been highly resource-intensive and impractical to build. As of now, I am going to begin constructing the machines as separate buildings rather than inside 1 larger building, and go from there. :)
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  15. 1/13/2014 Update: We have the machine design approved and are installing 3 slot machines right now! As soon as we finish these 3, the casino will open even as we add more machines. The current plan is to have varied pricing with the machines corresponding to the value of prizes. For example, 1 spin might cost 3r and a possible prize could be an emerald, whereas another could be 1-2k and the prize could be a beacon.
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  16. Edited OP: Beta machine is now functional! Please come on down and test it out if you feel like it, winners will receive a special 18700 Casino Beta Block! (renamed lapis block)
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  17. I second bemvino's last post! We've both been working hard to make a machine that's fast, compact, and fun to play, and I think you all will like the result! It will be a big help to have lots of people test it out.
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  18. I didn't get the beta block and your out of dirt
  19. Oh nvm I see how it works, but I'm not getting a beta block
  20. Can you come online bem we need to talk