SMP8 Public Wild Utilities

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SMP8 wants ???

XP Grinders 145 vote(s) 46.2%
Iron Farm 63 vote(s) 20.1%
Gold Farm 52 vote(s) 16.6%
Guardian Farm 38 vote(s) 12.1%
Other (leave in comments) 16 vote(s) 5.1%
  1. Tuqueque is taking over PWU from me. All hail the new PWU overlord!

    Thank you so much Tuq. PWU needs lots of TLC. I really have not done anything on it for over 2 years. I'm thrilled that you are interested in taking it on <3
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  2. Thanks Khixan <3 I will do my best to fill attempt to fill in your shoes for this position.

    General Update: The nether rail update got on hold, as I found out that the dragon arena was heavily griefed, as I edited in into my previous post.

    I have put 15+ hours this week, to have it hopefully ready by tomorrow :) The reconstruction of this old build is about 90% done. So be sure to be on the lookout for the re-opening event which will be my version of Slvr's Sudden Death to the Dragon, which was what I was planning to do at the beginning of the week :)

    Thanks, UltiPig, MissBonnieParker, and especially to carolmoss which stayed and helped me with a bunch of randomly placed /bmoded blocks!

    I'll share pictures of the new arena soon :)

    So yeah! Please let me know if you are interested in volunteering for future PWU projects :) Building and working in groups is what made these project fun!
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  3. Let me know if I can help. Just send me a message here on the forums and give me an idea of time and date of work and I'll do my best to help. I have kids in high school so I have to work my schedule around that.
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  4. I'm pretty sure I finished with the remodeling at the arena!

    What was updated?
    • Both the teleporter (30% griefed) and Dragon ring (70% griefed) had to be rebuild with /bmode.
    • The Arena floor was also updated from the prismarine/purpur design(40% griefed) to the new deepslate purple design.
    • The endstone surrounding all our locations was bmoded so that the restoration process of the main end island that was done by rdmaster at the beginning of the project in 2015 can last even longer. - 4 more Beacon stations were placed throughout the island.
    • The locker area was also reconstructed, with similar design to to the original.

    Thanks again to MissBonnieParker, carolmoss, Ultipig, and SS which have helped in the restoration proces of this great arena.

    I'm planning to begin re-hosting semi frequently Slvr's original EndDragon slaying event :) Please let me know of your availability and interest in it! =D and it will be cool to celebrate the re-openning of the arena

    Hope to see you there, I'll post updates on that thread once a day/time is setup
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  5. Hello, another quick update :) of a few tiny things I've done during the week

    1. The event was a success, a small group, but we had great fun =D

    2. It seems we still had a couple of beds at scream 4 me hehehe.... well now I've replaced them with some respawn anchors. Not too familiar with those new blocks, so let me know if I messed up/needs fixing! Friendly Reminder: that we have dolphin tunnels to reach scream4me if you want to visit it, which is the fastest method of transportation available! ;)

    3. Of the only few projects I touched on while in 2021 was the PWU Nether Hub basement/nether access, I had started to prettify it back then and tried to make it safer. This week, I finally finished it.

    To the left of our nether rails, we still have the iron doors nether access as usual. Instead of just leaving you there, there is a water elevators and drop-down shoot which lead to the safe-spot next to the Krysyy-placed Nether portal (this part I had already made a few years ago).

    The new part is the outer space and basement of the hub! Right now is a bit empty, but it is a big and safe box. It has designated exits and paths to different locations around our nether hub :) I also included a Basalt Generator in this area (I'll add a second one later in the week) for anyone who needs basalt.

    Krysyy-portal / elevator area

    Nether hub new basement + basalt generator. (Cobble Ceiling will be replaced/covered eventually)

    I'll prettify the area slowly. If anyone has decoration ideas, would like to do some pixel art, add something the area, just let me know!
  6. Tonight I worked on the PWU discord :)

    Let me know what do you all think! Everyone is welcome! :) It is for Public Wild, Town and Online Utilities, so I have plans to expand its uses and hopefully people just hangout here :)

    Join and let me know what you think!
  7. I forget what public utilities it was, I don't remember if it was SMP8 or SMP9, but I used to help it a long time ago by replanting the crops and harvesting them as well. Same goes for the netherwart. I used to be the one who stocked the chests up with the items for any passing by. :)
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  8. Heya, Joy!

    I’m not too sure if you did help in our previous projects or not, since my memory of EMC is just kinda condensed, with all the different usernames hehe. However, that’s not important, since you are welcome to both visit our builds as well as well as volunteer in the future and join our discord :)
  9. Thanks Tuq, I'm going to keep that in mind, because I've considered returning to EMC for something, and this gives me the perfect excuse to do so! :D
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  10. Hullo! I built a new public Fish Farm along the walkway just west of the PWU nether hub access north of the frontier north outpost, but let me know if you'd prefer I move it elsewhere.
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  11. Public wheat farm near the Gold farm, someone has planted wheat in buildmode enabled. It cannot be harvested except for the user who plated it
  12. you should probably try to contact a mod in game, they can easily remove the protection from that wheat. there's nothing we can do, except the above.

    or you can contact the player that planted the wheat.
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  13. Thanks. I have been keeping an eye out for a mod on
  14. You could try a bucket of water to harvest, not sure if you can replant but it's worth a try
  15. If you still having issues with it let me know, and I can handle it! Thanks for reporting!

    That bug was patched a few years ago, no more loopholes