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  1. I had just return from a long, and rather peaceful trek through the wilderness when met by a rather interesting chain of events. A thief was lurking about res 1515o and swiped 36 diamonds! Yes you read that correct 36 diamonds.

    Responses if you would like to know more.

    Your friendly Survivor-
  2. Who's the thief and can i be the one to torture him for his crimes?
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  3. Um... you sure it was a thief? People can't just swipe stuff unless they have permissions.
  4. I was trying to be a bit dramatic, and anyways someone shift click the diamonds into a donation chest. Keep in mind this was a accidental and lets say he was nearly fuming with anger.
    Later on after helping deduce the crime a wary person dropped by res 14141 and bough 32 diamonds to help the poor kid, at great cost to his wallet.

    Just reporting on what happened
  5. How about you post only the 100% truth. You shouldnt mislead others. You could get innocent people in trouble...
  6. And this is imperative for us to know why?
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  7. You are right. Plain and simple.