SMP6 outpost trek

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  1. A while ago, I walked to all four out posts on SMP3. I still hold the title of the only recorded person to walk to all four outposts on any sever. Now, I want to do it again, this time on SMP6. The trip will be unsupported by anyone, it will just be me. I will be making this thread my log for the trips. I will post pictures of stuff I find. I will be starting soon. Wish me good luck. :)
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  2. Sounds awesome, good luck!
  3. Thanks! :)

    First outpost, South. On my way to it now.

    *EDIT* Taking a break.
  4. I've done this before. I did this on smp6 with 2 friends, we did a video of it. The video goes for 2.5 hours.