SMP6 Items/Armour Glitching and Lost Pick

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  1. I have been trying to build and generally work in the wild tonight and lots of bad things have been happening.

    1) I moved my unbreakIII, fortuneIII, effIV pick into my use row of tools so I could mine something and when I closed my inventory it dropped on the ground, slid off a ledge and into some lava! Puff... 13K worth of pick gone! Is there anything that can be done to recover something like this? I have seen this glith many times but its never cost me anything like this before.

    2) Items keep glitching e.g. I put on armour, then start walking and notice I have no armour on, so open up inventory again to put armour on and notice I have both the armour im wearing and original armour still in my inventory. Then a few seconds later it resets and Im not wearing any armour, but still have the original armour in my inventory.

    3) Im carrying cobble, and switch the cobble stack for a planks stack in my inventory, then try to place a plank, cobble appears and the stack in my hand changes to cobble, the planks stack completely disappears, even from my inventory!

    I have lost lots of bits and pieces tonight and some others have replicated. I gave up and locked everything left in a chest. Is this isolated to me or is it server wide?

    Id really like to know if anything can be done to recover my pick and if there is instability with items since the wilderness reset.

  2. MC glitches is not something EMC can recover at any cost - it will take to long and to much work to figure out "what happend" and "if it happend" ..

    Sorry about your burning pick - i have had the same problem a few times, and i tend to just never swap any items when im in the wild - NEVER swap them..
  3. Sorry, but I doubt you'll get your pick back. Admins / mods do not spawn items to keep the game fair. Also, people may lie about losing item, I'm not saying you are lying, trying to get sympathy from others. I have yet to experience anything like this, but my guess is that the lag is the cause of this. What I'd suggest is to shrug your shoulders abit and carry on from where you left off.
  4. Do you happen to run Ny
    I am sorry this happened, unfortunately we have all lost items in a similar manner and can't replace them. Do you happen to use any sort of inventory tweaking mods? I have experienced the issues you mention but I have always put it down to the mods i use.
    May have also been due to some lag experienced on all servers due to wilderness resets today, although that should have mostly cleared up now.
  5. i uprgraded minecraft with out even thinking will my stuff on smp3 be erased?plz help
  6. It would be all gone, sorry mate.
  7. It happens to me and I use InventoryTweaks :/
  8. *Shurg*
    I agree... I understand there is nothing that can be done but I wanted to check in case an admin said something like..."I can see your pick falling into the lava here straight after this error in the log which indicates that it wasnt your fault. We have spawned you a new one in a locked chest on your res. Have a nice day!" But I guess I would have to be Neo in the Matrix, not Mulch in Empire Minecraft for that to happen.
    Im over it now, it did suck though.
    Thanks everyone, the system is behaving itself much better this morning. I do use an inventory tweak thingo so I guess its ultimately my fault.
    Anyone have a fortuneIII for sale? :)
  9. The pickaxe flying out of your inventory is a result of you dragging it to the edge of your inventory and throwing it.
  10. No, its a result of his client mis-communicating with the server (LAG) - making it look like your dropping something else then your pickaxe.
  11. Your lot should be safe in town until the 1.2.4 update is implemented, but if you had stuff in the wild it is surely gone sorry. I will put a 1 week hold on your lot from today though to ensure its safety, as your account has already gone over 10 day derelict time. :)
  12. It is posssible it is your computers fault, not the server.
  13. I think it's the mod and server working together actually ;P
  14. Nop, Go try it. It's a result of your mistake. Nothing to do with the server.
  15. No, its not.

    Its a matter of your inventory being serverside and your selected item being clientside...

    If your lagging - it will be mixed up..

    Its like the whole invisible block problem thats only visible on your client, and shows up ingame - buts its not a part of the dataset on the server....