smp5 - 10025 - Buying a massive amount of Diamond

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I have decided to start collecting materials for a project, the main component of which is diamond blocks. I will need a massive amount and I have set up chests in my shop to purchase them from you. I am buying them at 50r per diamond, and have the four following signs for you to choose from:

    32 Diamonds - 1600r
    64 Diamonds - 3200r

    16 Diamond Blocks - 7200r
    8 Diamond Blocks - 3600r

    You will find these signs in the main floor of my shop at 10025 (smp5) sitting in the middle of the room. From the spawn point, you can stand on the enchanted items teleporter and turn around, or simply fall through the hole (then through the volcano) and run up the stairs.

    I have collected enough diamonds. :)