Smp4 is broken? Can't log out or reconnect.

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by just_five_fun, Jul 1, 2013.

  1. Just in case no one else has noticed, Smp4 is frozen up or something. Can't log into any other EMC server because it thinks I am still logged onto smp4. Been that way for about an hour I think.
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  2. Don't worry. It will fix itself.
  3. its because people have downloaded 1.6 and are then using this new thing where it allows them to come on 1.5.2 but it still running the 1.6 files.
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  4. there is a new thing on 1.6 which allows you to go on recent updates:)
  5. I updated to 1.6 and when I went to my servers page it said beside EMC: X 1.5.2
    Which means I can't get on it because the server is running 1.5.2 and I am running 1.6
  6. Go to add new profile and select 1.5.2 release. Then on the main login screen, under profiles, select the new one, and you get back on EMC :)
  7. I have not updated to the new launcher, but Smp4 is working again.

    That's a really quick response, Thanks
  8. I know that :D but he's sayin you can log on with 1.6
  9. smp4 gon derp again...
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