SMP2 Public Wastelands Arena

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  1. Hey! I just built a public arena in which you can battle against mobs in a flat, wide surface :) It is perfect for going in a group to kill monsters!

    ->Where is it?
    1. Go to smp2
    2. Do /waste
    3. Go to Wastelands Center
    4. Head West
    5. Follow the tunnel (make sure you close the doors)
    6.You're at the Arena! :D

    WARNING: This took me a while to do. Please, bring some dirt with you and fix the holes caused by creepers, endermen or yourself. Remember this is a public arena, and you're not the only one who will use it. Thanks.
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  2. It sounds cool, but can we get a screenshot of the arena itself? :) Thx.
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  3. :)
    This will be nice for mob hunting.
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  4. Wow, it is really nice! Why isn't it located in the wild, though, seeing as Wastelands reset?
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  5. More pics (dat charged creepa :p )
    2013-08-31_03.23.17.png 2013-08-31_03.23.36.png 2013-08-31_03.23.49.png
  6. Because it's made of cheap dirt, and wastelands is the place you want to go for mob hunting :p It's harder=more exciting
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  7. Bump so everyone can see it