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  1. So the new shop is coming along nicely, and we thought we'd list the items we are currently stocking. We have arranged the shop in categories, so it is easy to locate what you are looking for. This list will change from time to time, but for now here it is! :) Come check us out sometime @3883 on SMP2!


    Slime ball
    Blaze rod
    Ender pearl
    Ghast tear

    Minerals and ore

    Gold ore
    Gold ingot
    Lapis ore
    Lapis block
    Coal ore
    Redstone ore
    Redstone dust
    Diamond ore
    Iron ore
    Iron ingot

    Sand and stone

    Stone brick
    Water bucket
    Snow block

    Eggs and food

    Chicken egg
    Pig egg
    Ocelot egg
    Mushroom egg
    Squid egg
    Golden apple
    More to come soon, including food items

    Plants and wood

    Nether wart
    Red mushroom
    Brown mushroom
    Sugar cane
    Oak log
    Birch log
    Pine log
    Jungle log
    Wood planks

    All wool colors are available in the wool corner! :)


    Nether fence
    Nether brick
    Soul sand
    Cracked brick
    Mossy brick
    Mossy cobble
    Lava bucket
    End stone

    Crafted / misc

    Iron fence
    Enchantment table
    Sticky piston
    Brewing stand
    Glowstone lamp
  2. Yup, I get that question a lot. We're just launching, but here is the concept.

    "CO-OP" is just short for cooperative - a jointly operated commercial enterprise that produces and distributes goods.

    CO-OP is a good idea. We know that some ppl like to mine / farm / hunt different things. CO-OP allows us to pool the collective talents of our neighbors and concentrate it upon one focal point.

    For example: if you saw what kilmannan is doing at SMP7 with his Arab Marketplace, you can compare it to that in that there are several players actually participating simultaneously in the selling of goods at the shop.

    Difference: 3883 does not charge for spots at the shop. Our interest is not in profit or recovery of any initial investment in the shop. It is, rather, to provide a wide spread of goods, and to ensure supply levels remain high as consistantly as the Empire Shop;).

    Participants: This is most important to understanding the operation - participant vendors are not just suppliers or workers. They stock, they set their own prices, and they negotiate sales/deals entirely of their own accord. Also, they are not selling through the shop and they aren't expected to "share" any of their profits with shop owners. This means that they own their chests. They receive payment from sales directly, just as they would on their own plot. All participants in the CO-OP are free to come and go at will. We do screen new participants, only to ensure the right "mix" of goods is maintained. This screening is based upon (1) space available (2) what a player intends to provide the shop, and (3) the ability to maintain stock levels.
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  3. Is there people who have different levels?
  4. I have to say this is one of my favorite and go-to shops on smp2.
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  5. absolutely not. this would be against the spirit and core concept of the project. Nobody takes precedence over any other shop owner. In fact, in the CO-OP's interest, if any one participant were to demonstrate clearly and consistently that they could remain stocked better than any other participant for an item, we would negotiate amongst one another to see that the participant who can best supply the shop would have the spot or a spot selling that item.

    This doesn't necessarily mean exclusion. If, in this circumstance, somebody turns over/swaps shops, they would continue on with whatever other shops they have but just sell items to the other shop, see? As an equal partnership, it is in the best interest of everybody for me or any other participant to give up a spot in favor of the better supplier. That goes for everybody... I'm not personally holding shops on items I don't regularly supply either.
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  6. I see, thanks for clearing that up!
  7. Maze challenge coming soon :) .... layout complete. Entry/exit and winner-boards to be put up soon! 60x60 labyrinth with single start/end points, and only one possible solution. Hope everybody can enjoy!