SMP2 - 3406 - All Your Needs, As Low As Possible.

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  1. My store sells almost everything you would ever need at the lowest prices! And I'm running around 24/7 keeping everything in stock!
    I have:
    - Wool + Dyes
    - Building Materials
    - Misc
    - More Misc
    - All A Shopkeeper Ever Needs
    - Weopons
    - Loads of RARE Items
    - Nether Items
    - Plus End Stone, found from the End at extremely cheap prices. (8 for 2r)
  2. U should sell music disks
  3. Do you sell diamonds in your shop?
  4. Use diamonds ares sold at the shop
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  5. I do have a small secret stock of diamonds that I can stock for you. :) And nah, I don't have any music discs :p