SMP1 Build Off

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  1. Hey Guys!
    I was on the empire today when a thought came to mind, a SMP1 Build Off!!
    What is this? You may ask, well this is a competition between two people. The goal is for them to build the coolest structure, from a single subject. For example, the subject could be modern house, or medieval cottage. The contestants are given 10 minutes to build what they think of when they are given the subject. When the 10 minutes is over, three (specially selected) judges rate the creations, from 1-10. The player with the highest score wins!

    The First Build off will be hosted this weekend (11th and 12th) at res 1312. If you would like to be part of this competition then private message me...

    Oh and by the way, after the WHOLE competition is over, the 1st place winner will receive 2k rupees

    Good Luck! And may the odds be ever in your favor.
  2. Do we get items provided to build with?
  3. Yes, but only basic materials. You may bring things like diamond blocks, and that will increase your chances, but diamonds, etc are not provided
  4. The total winnings will end up being worth around 2k
  5. it would make more sense to provide everything and have a ban against bringing your own items. That way everyone has a fair shot :)
  6. New rule: all materials will be provided
  7. awesome, I migh consider participating in this as this seems like a good idea.
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  8. This sounds fun.
  9. It is free to join
  10. If this going to actually happen we need more people to participate
  11. Competition has been delayed due to lack of participation
  12. I think if you add a bigger prize pot you may attract more people.
  13. I can place a dirt block, I think I can win this.
  14. yep
  15. Good idea. Pretty cool.
  16. 10 min might be a little short. Might wanna make it about 20 min. Just suggesting.
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  17. The point is for it to be short. Hence the creations would be simple nothing complitcated. it's amazing what people can build when they are in a hurry...
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