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  1. Hello Empire!

    I have a pretty good computer...

    I have 4 of those Processors, not just one. EDIT: I mean 4 Cores sorry :p

    ... but only around 5 fps.
    I am using Optifine with Forge & Shaders. (Those are musts and don't ask me to delete anything)

    If anyone is good with Tech, please help me update or get the latest versions of anything.
    I'm on a Budget of $0 (I'm a student).
    If you need any more information to help me, feel free to ask!

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  2. Has this been a problem since you got the computer or just recently?
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  3. If you have a laptop, press the windows key, type in "battery," and then open "change power-saving settings."
    Once you have opened that window thing, make sure high performance is checked.
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  4. You can allocate more RAM towards Minecraft, that's one way, as well as playing with your video settings, details, animations, etc.
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  5. Turning off or lessening particles would help.
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  6. You might have to update shaders or use a different /updated shaders pack because sometimes that causes a ton of lag
  7. I used to have around 10 FPS; after Shaders, I now have around 5 FPS.

    It's always been around 10-20 without Shaders.
    It's just weird how I have such a good computer, but slow MC.

    I have around the same FPS for Singleplayer, maybe 2-4 more.
  8. I tried all of your solutions; they made it go up around 1 FPS :D
  9. Render distance minimum, smooth lighting off, particles off, fast graphics, and NO SHADERS.
  10. I HAVE TO use SHADERS. Read my OP.
  11. Your Video Card is responsible for the FPS, so you might be lacking in that department. If you can't afford an upgrade, I would suggest losing the Shaders as these take a good deal of the Graphics card processing power -reducing the frames per second :p

    EDIT: You said you had 4 processors!?!? I think you mean 4 cores, but the I5's only have 2 cores
  12. 1. Allocate more Ram to Minecraft.
    2. Take off shaders. I understand you want your game to look pretty, but if you can only get 20 fps Without shaders, it is only making your game Way slower than it already is.
    3. Use Minimum settings.
    4. Turn down shader settings. Shaders are meant for beefy computers, and not designed to run (well) on regular/everyday computers.
    5. Turn off all other programs running at same time Minecraft is.
  13. Is there a way I can update my Video Card for free?
  14. Make sure you have the latest driver, as this boost performance. But it won't make a significant difference without an actual hardware upgrade.
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  15. Okay.
    I MIGHT (very small chance, but might) be able to upgrade and get another thingy to increase RAM, but would that help me?
    Also how do I find what version Video Card Driver I have? Is it called Graphics Driver?
  16. Something I noticed that no one seemed to figure out but me was I had the wrong type of java. What kind of computer do you have. Do you have a 64 bit computer or a 32 bit computer. 32 bit is the old style that most older computers had, nowadays most new computers you get are 64 bit.

    Well java when downloaded is usually the default 32 bit. So when I reformatted my computer and then downloaded the new java (32 bit for some reason) I had really slow minecraft. My fps were really low and I would actually see the screen freezing very slightly when I would turn towards really detailed things. I then figured out by looking at the F3 screen that it was java 32 bit. Well I know for a fact my computer is 64 bit.

    I went to the java website and had to look around but I finally found a 64 bit java version. I installed that and now minecraft runs pretty well now. So that could be your problem. Though usually its the other stuff.

    On a side note, anyone know how to allocate more ram to minecraft. I looked around and with the new launcher it just showed typing in a new command in the options yet every time I do I kept getting an error even though I typed it up correctly from the looks of it. Figure someone on here might have found a better tutorial to show how to do it.
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  17. Go into the device manager and look for something related to a graphics card. You might have an integrated Intel one and from what I have heard, Intel is very bad at updating their stuff. You say that shaders are a must but there is no way you are going to get a playable fps with them on and that is the simple truth. You may be able to boost things a few frames using a bunch of optimizations, but your computer simply isn't powerful enough. A best case situation is MAYBE 10fps with shaders. You mention only getting 20 fps without shaders which means your computer is already struggling. Click on the Windows user experience test thing and see what it tells you for 3d performance. If you must have shaders, you will want to get the smallest ones you can that effect the performance the least. Why exactly do you need shaders so badly? Also, are you using anything other than the stock texture pack? If you are using any kind of hd thing, it is going to hit your performance pretty hard.
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  18. I am a x64 computer, and I run Java 64.

    BTW go to JVM Arguments. There should be a -xmx1G or something like that on the first bar.
    Change it to -xmx2g or however many Gigabytes you want to allocate to MC.
  19. Thanks for all the advice.

    First off, I need Shaders because I need realism. Shadows = Shaders. I mean, I don't NEED shaders, but I highly want it.
    I'm using ArikLPĀ“s Seus Shaderpack [Nur Schatten]. It's supposed to be NoLag.

    Secondly, I tested my computer again, and I got around 50-80 FPS without Shaders, but with Forge and Optifine.
    Third, I have Asus A52F, and that's not a computer where you can take your stuff out. It's one big MotherBoard with connecting Cards and stuff.

    I have allocated 2 GB of Ram to MC.
    Any other suggestions?
  20. Yes, Intel hasn't updated since 2013 -_- for Windows 7.
    They are ditching it, I heard.