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  1. The previous thread about this was not very popular but decided to do an update anyway, i have now finished building the shell and floors of my skyscraper but am now working on a second in my friends res next door, we would be very grateful if people could give us ideas for the inside of the skyscrapers as there are 22 floors in each which is a lot of floor space to fill. I you would like to visit the skyscraper is on my res, 15349, you spawn within my rocket but there is a teleport to the skyscraper.
    Image of skyscraper with other one in the background
    (p.s. any donations of white/ dark blue wool, glowstone and glass panes/blocks would be gratefully accepted and of course as always rupees could help as well, mostly with the interior and also iron blocks as we want to have all 6 bonuses on both residences)

    Thanks AndrewBryer
  2. Looks great :D
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  3. You could use the skyscraper like a hotel and make a lobby at the base with different rooms on each floor, a pool, and suites and stuff like that or you could also make it a landmark like the empire state building and make it more like an office building with different rooms that make it look like an office but with a cool lobby on the first floor with a fountain and all that. There are a bunch of things you could do with this.
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  4. Looks.. epic.. :D Awesome job.
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  5. Cool. My builds feel so unimpressive... I think I'll go sulk in SSP..
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  6. CSP for me :p
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  7. Lol we're in the same metophorical boat :p
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  8. ? what? lol ;P
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  9. Lolwut? I thought I was on the dragoncave thread :p
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  10. thanks for that has anyone else got any ideas?

    Edit: Also can anyone think of names for the towers/ complex/ hotel/ office buildings etc
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  11. Cool!
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  12. Umm no.. :p
  13. Finally I have a way to thank you for the awesome things you are making on my res!
    I will donate!
    It looks very cool too.
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  15. It's goat edition! :p
  16. Yeah ik :p
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  17. Thankyou very much, hope u enjoy ur farms
  18. What's that video you posted chascarillo?
  19. It's from my Youtube channel! Check it out,
    (Spanish dubbed though)