Skyrim or Fallout

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  1. Whats the better game overall. The Elder Scroll series or Fallout series?
  2. skyrim / obivion
  3. They are both good games, but they aren't very much similar.

    Fallout is funnier though.
  4. i got skyrim,

    3 words, worst game EVER.

    definetly Fallout
  5. I've always enjoyed both series.Fallout has always been a better series imo.
  6. You should get your facts straight.

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  7. hey, just my opinion

    :EDIT: (spoiler alert, sarcasm!) thats a cute title for a video....
  8. I very much enjoyed Skyrim. Fallout was good when it was more of a strategy type game back in the day, but I didn't care for it much when converted into a FPS/RPG hybrid. Still fun, but my vote goes for Skyrim.
  9. Elder scrolls is supreme. Skyrim while it has some pretty nasty glitches(none of which I have ever seen personally) is an amazing game. Fallout is an less awesome game,but it has more humor than elder scrolls so it's almost as good.

    I have been TES fanboy since Daggerfall and Fallout since Fallout 3 sooo in short my vote goes to TES over Fallout.
  10. I really wanted to play Daggerfall, but it was an absolute nightmare trying to get it to work properly with DOSBox.
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  11. I played it on my friends N-Gage around the time Morrowind hit the scene then I got an Xbox and played Morrowind and It was Pro...then later on I got it for PC as well as xbox 360 oblivion and PC oblivion the mods make TES even more fun!!! :D
  12. i think skyrim is a better overall game but fallout has a better storyline and funnier outcomes
  13. Disgaea: Hour of Darkness = Fallout 3 > Skyrim
  14. Skyrim has EPIC... i mean TRULY Epic mods!
    Warglaives of Azzinoth & Tyrael Light and Dark armor FTW
  15. I have not been able to get into either series tbh. I find them both boring.

    However ... Skyrim has stolen my soul ;_;
  16. This may be the greatest thing I have ever seen. Is it real? I must own this.
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  17. CoD :p

    Yeah, that's right.
  18. you find it boring but it stole your soul.....I am confused nursie
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  19. - all respect
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  20. Seeing how they are games where you make your own fun.You must be a boring person.