Skyrim Logic

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  1. Ever think while playing skyrim "seriously?" this is the thread for it.
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  2. I'll start,

    punch a child, guards dont care.
    punch a horse, YOU SHALL DIE!
  3. Oblivion was much worse...
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  4. I kill goat, nothing happens , I kill chicken "BY ORDER OF THE YARD, STOP RIGHT THERE!"
  5. that little girl, in Whiterun, that tells you how she isn't afraid of you and she doesn't care what anyone tells her, in her snooty evil way. i downloaded that mod that allows you to kill children, JUST because i was so sick of her crap.
  6. If you have the Hearthfires DLC and you punch her, she says something like "I didn't think you had it in you."

    And then you're friends. That's right, the DLC that allows adoption teaches people to beat children if they're annoying.

    If you're the thane, and you've completed that thalmor embassy quest, random thalmor will attack you in cities.
    Every guard will attack them, unless you attack the thalmor. Then they all attack you.
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  7. Those stuck up kids. I remember when the kid in Solitude bragged about his dad so much I found who I thought was his dad and attacked the guy with the Wabbajack. By sheer luck, he became a sweetroll.
  8. I have no problem with immortal Skyrim children since I downloaded that mod which allows you to transform people in sweet rolls.
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  9. Besides horses walking up cliffs one thing that make me go "wtf really?!" was i started out as a Khajiit but I could not marry other khajiits -_-

    To top that off I found the argonian Derkeethus and rescued him before the quest. After that no matter what house I moved him too he would leave and only come back at in the morning just to leave again. One day I followed him to learn he was going all the way to Darkwater Pass to work or what ever and i could not divorce him it wouldnt let me. -_-
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  10. *Shouts at Jarl Ulfric in Windhelm* Nothing happens.
    *Shouts at one of his soldiers* "STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM!"
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  11. Oh yes, and the thing that makes the most sense in Skyrim.
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  12. How come this got abandoned? Bumpin' ._.

    Do pictures count?
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  13. Jump off a cliff, only the horse dies.
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  14. i love him :3
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  15. Once I punched a guard to her (yes, her!) death when she repedeatly yelled "I'm not warning you again" and noone cared.
    After that I punched a chicken. "IN THE ORDER OF THE JARL, STOP RIGHT THERE!"
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  16. Put a basket over the shop owners head take everything in the store he wont know xD
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  17. I dont even understand skyrim lol.
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  18. I have a question, where does one buy skyrim?
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  19. xbox store i know that much :pP
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  20. either go to a game store (ex: gamestop), walmart, or you can buy it online using Steam.
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