Skyrim after 4 hours

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  1. I bought the game on steam friday afternoon. It lagged on my computer, not to bad, but it lagged, lets just say it takes a while to do a task or walk somewhere, and any fight is a little difficult even on novice, the game is amazing though! I was a black smith at riverwood, loved it, free material, and got to make some pretty bad ass armour. but that all changed when I accidently clicked(thinking I was playing minecraft) and attacked the blacksmith, he charged at me, and as I had low hp from jumping off of a moutain earlyer, I killed him, then was attacked by the whole village, I had to kill them all, having a 1050 bounty, simple to wipe out riverwood even at lvl 4, but after I left, got arrested, came back, everyone was dead on the streets naked. there was only the Inn keeper, store keeper, and rolaf left. D: do they respawn or change ever?-edited paragraph
  2. Please re-read it, is this better? I meant in no way to disturb the rules. but I DID pay for a copy of skyrim on steam.
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  3. I personally look forward to playing Skyrim, at a future date.. I am unable to purchase it at this time as money is tight and as well, I know that next year some time they will have a GOTY edition with the DLC packs that will inevitably follow in the coming months. :) I loved Oblivion and Morrowind, I just can not justify the purchase of Skyrim at the moment.. :)
  4. It is an AMAZING game. I wont spoil it for yah but it helps not to watch tomuch gameplay, I watched aton, and saw the start/tutorial like 4 times, lets just say, thats the ONLY boring part to me in the whole game(I've only played for about 15 hours now) and I have ADHD bad, lol trust me, I get bored fast, I went from runescape to minecraft to LoL, to Mw2, to RS again, then Minecraft again, now im at Skyrim, and I've never played a single player game that lags slightly on my crap computer for more then 2 hours. It's worth it. I may go buy a whole new better graphics card just to make gameplay of it faster and better :D
  5. If you don't have a super computer, there is absolutely no reason to buy such a demanding game such as Skyrim. the game is incredibly detailed and super demanding. Thats why I sacrifice a small amount of graphics by playing it on console. I have Morrowind and Oblivion on PC and thats enough for me. Until I can pull $1200+ for a new rig i'll gladly settle with Skyrim on my 360 and games like Minecraft, MTGO, TF2, and Unreal Tournament.
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