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  1. A thread for Skin Stories, an idea by me where you make a story.. based on someone's skin. Yeah.
    This one's sorta crap and I wrote it at 2AM.

    ItsMeMatheus's Skin Story
    (look at his skin and you'll understand)

    Day 1
    I never noticed it until today, but when I took a hot bath, my rubber ducky’s eyes seemed to change. They were never like that before. They just stare off, endlessly, as if they’re trying to view a Magic Eye only they can see. It wasn’t like this yesterday. But then again, how would I know? I don’t usually pay attention to this kind of stuff.
    Day 2
    I went to the pool today. In my swimming box containing goggles, towels, and rubber ducks, there were two. Not one duck, two. I had one there last time I checked. No significant others or friends who could’ve placed it there. I never bought it.
    Day 3
    My shower stall was filled with ducks, never to be opened due to fear of a duck avalanche. Whoever’s sick idea of a prank this was, breaking into one’s house and filling the stalls with ducks, it’s not funny.
    Day 4
    My computer wallpaper is a duck. I never changed it. I changed it back, threw out all ducks in my house, and went to sleep.
    Day 5
    I awoke to find myself sleeping on a mattress of ducks. Their smiles have changed. The right end ever-so-slightly slanted upwards to make a sick, twisted smile. I thought I heard a word, but I might’ve imagined it. “Its”.
    Day 6
    Ducks are filling my house. Today, they were at foot level. Annoying. Very annoying. Whoever did this is in so, so much trouble.
    Day 7
    I awake to find ducks about half a foot away from the ceiling, slowly rising as if someone’s pushing more from the doorway. There are too many ducks to see who it is. But I heard another word before I suffocated on the ducks. “Me”. It’s me? Makes no sense. I suffocated.
    Day 8
    The afterlife is yellow. It’s a large, large yellow room, brightly lit from sources I cannot see. It’s shaped in an odd shape, the top smaller than the bottom. I realize it’s a duck. “So this is what the afterlife is like, huh?”
    “No. This is the waiting room, in which decisions are made. You can go to the Aether… or to the Nether. We’re still deciding. Sleep.” I fall asleep before I can turn around to see who’s talking.
    Day 9
    Apparently they decided to send me to the Nether. I burn in lava, forever feeling pain and never dying. Ducks stacking on top of me, never to disappear and me to simply have to hold their paramount weight, ever increasing towards the infinite ceiling. This truly is the Nether.
    Day 50
    The routine starts to fall into place. Just holding ducks, making an alcove so I can rest and hold them at the same time. Duck buildings. Duck everything. My eye is becoming yellow-trained.
    Day 243
    I’ve finally lost all vision of white and blue. You never see them in the Nether, or whatever this place is.
    Day (lost track a while ago)
    They’ve come to take me. Said I had enough. I ask where to. “Death”, they whisper.
    I make a split-second decision. Death would by far be better than this. But what is Death if not the afterlife, which has already proven to be oh so horrid and despicable? I explain this to them, and they tell me. “True death. No afterlife. Or… you can restart. Have a fresh new life, with no memories or experience.”
    I have to make a decision. How many times have I lived the same life, always restarting? Or maybe this is my first life, and I have more to live. They won’t tell me anything. I would keep my memories with True Death – but it’s unexplored territory, in which nobody has ever been. (probably, who knows?).
    “You’re running out of time. Would you like to go back?” No. I would not. I need to make a decision.
    “4.” I’m running out of time. Quick, decide, me!
    “On-“ they said slowly. I interrupted.
    “True Death”, I said carefully and slowly to maximize my last final moments on Earth, or rather, the Nether.
    All I remember after that is yellow, and one final word, “Matheus”. The puzzle pieces start to fall into place. I start connecting the dots. Too late. Death has come to take me.
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