Since When Could you Enchant and get V?

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  1. So, blah blah blah, I was enchanting a golden sword for the lolz, and I got Smite V Looting III... I thought you couldn't enchant something and get level V on it?
  2. You can only enchant and get V on smite and bane. It has been Like that Since for evs
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  3. Ohhh... *facepalm*
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  4. Not to prove you wrong, but you're very wrong.

    You can get level 5 ( V ) on, Smite, Bane, Sharpness & Power as well as Efficiency. :rolleyes:
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  5. Yeah IF you use an anvil, IF you enchant you cant only on smite and bane
  6. I guess I'll prove you wrong again, providing the information I was given, and replying to in the first place. Just to be a tough guy on the internet. Here you go,

    Okay, so the highlighted text is the question I answered correctly, due to the fact of you being able to enchant something ( A book. ) and get level 5 ( V ) on it. :rolleyes:


    Also, just to clear this all up before you really try to prove me wrong. I'm right, and you're wrong, but you're right if the question was stated differently such as, "I thought you couldn't enchant a weapon, or piece of armor or tool, and get level 5 on it?"

    Just to be clear :p
  7. You made no sense to me at all...
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  9. If you have an enchant app, like me, it is possible to achieve a "V" enchant on smite, bane, efficiency (diamond tools only), on the app calculator. Your odds on that happening, though, is around 1/500. You're one lucky dude.
  10. Pigs don't have luck.
    They just can only fly
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  11. He's saying that you could get level five enchanted books without having to combine two books. I'm not sure whether he's right or wrong, but I had no trouble understanding what he said :/

    You can tell he tried to put some thought into his words. Replying with "you made no sense to me at all" just comes off as rude.
  12. Okay I'm sorry :p But I seriously couldn't understand it
  13. Not sure where you are going with this but you can only "VANILLA" enchant (Using enchanttable) to get V on ONLY smite and bane sword/book

    It was possibly to get V enchants before, but that was long time ago, I think they changed that after you only needed 30levels to enchant :)
  14. Well, this has gotten to a spammy thread. :p
  15. How so? It's kept on topic.
  16. On gold items you can enchant for V enchant.
  17. NVM, I meant people keep talking about enchanting books other than what pig was talking about. It still goes in the same category I guess :p
  18. modified enchantment level = enchantment level + Random(0, enchantability / 4) + Random(0, enchantability / 4) + 1
    (Rounding Down after each step)

    MaterialArmor enchantabilitySword/Tool enchantability
    Wood N/A 15
    Leather 15 N/A
    Stone N/A 5
    Iron 9 14
    Chain 12 N/A
    Diamond 10 10
    Gold 25 22

    And a great tool: Minecraft Enchantment Calculator