Simple: Ender Pearls for sale

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  1. So tons of people are doing this and I'm like "1.4K for a DC??"

    I have 4-5 DC of enderpearls

    Simple: 750r a chest

    First come first served

    Cheapest price out there
  2. Still chest available!!
  3. 4 DC's available I think XD
  4. ill take a DC of some shiny nuts if there are any left.
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  5. They are, right now im on a school field trip so I can't get on atm, If you pay right now ill have the access chest up in 2-3 hours
  6. what sever you on & res number for pick up ?
  7. smp5 10747 but your gonna have to wait till I get back from school for me to set up srry
  8. Still a DC available? cause id like to buy one
  9. Yes, as soon as I get Payment I set up the chests but sorry for delay I will set up chest right now
  10. Ok narfer it's set up!
  11. payed for and collected my shiny acorns thank you I really liked the payment sign not many people do that more should
  12. is it 750 for a DC or just one chest?
  13. 750 for a DC...I'm not cheap and charging 1.4K like other people
  14. u still have one DC ?
  15. Yeah, pay and ill set up
  16. when will they be ready?
  17. Ready for pickup!! SO SORRY that I forgot!
  18. Thanks for the enderpearls, 750 for a DC isnt much :D