Silk Touch, Efficiency 4, unbreaking 3

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  1. I am selling this Diamond pickaxe for 24,000R on smp3 lot 6493. If interested, simply head to that residence, and the pickaxe is for sale at a chest very close to the spawn, just walk forward a bit.
  2. hhhmmm I have one of these unused. Bout crapped myself when I got the enchant. :p

    Bump for your sale.
  3. I would buy but i dont have enough money
  4. As many pics that get enchanted this one is the most rare of them all, in my opinion.
  5. Yes this is a Very hard enchantment to get, i've only gotten 3 silk touches so far (out of atleast 20 picks) and this is the highest enchantment one i've gotten.
  6. *Price Change*
    Now 24K
  7. Very expensive..
  8. I take it its diamond?
  9. Then don't buy it..
  10. And yes it is Diamond, sorry about that
  11. Alex isn't wrong - it is over priced, even though it does have nice enchantments.
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  12. It's not overpriced. I sell picks at this price all the time, its just that people sell them way to cheap. Again just dont buy them if you dont want them. Someone will buy it
  13. The majority of people sell picks for less, so I don"t know who you are to say they sell them too cheap..
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  14. The majority of people sell bread for 2 dollars, i sell it for 3... they're all just underpriced... it makes perfect sense if you don't think about all...