Signed book collection!

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  1. Hello EMC!

    Today I've started to collect signed books from awesome people!@
    These players are Well Known Members in this community and have achieved awesomeness..(Based on myself)

    The signed books I got so far and in the order I got them:
    Title | Author

    Space Trio I ~SpaceShuttleFan
    The Book Of Love ~Faithcaster
    iSmooch ~ISMOOCH
    Hi :) ~KingofKraft13
    Pants on Fire ~Battmeghs
    For you sir ~J_A_D_E_1_6
    Bedrock Part 1 L ~Toaster

    People I want to have their signed books from:
    Robot Chicken

    There's actually more people but I don't seem to remember,please remember me to add YOU!
    Many Many Many... More autographs to go! :p

    *I might open some sort of library or place or something... to let everyone admire them :p
  2. Added Jade :p
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  3. Have to spell my name right before you'll have a chance to get a book :)
  4. I can get you a copy of Bedrock soon, where should I bring it?
  5. What are you talking about..? ;)
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  6. Nice collection.
  7. Could I ask how you did that in 5 seconds? I've tried copy-pasting somethings I've wrote on my PC but it doesn't seem to work... Please tell me yo secret!
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  8. The Bookz mod, it lets you copy and paste.
  9. wow... I need it. My chapter 1 would take around 500-1k minecraft pages..

    There's around 32 chapters and it's not finished :p
  10. Books have a 50 Page limit. And if your writing something that long, you should see if you can have it published! IRL!
  11. The first chapter on Word program with letter 12 or 14 I think it was.. takes only like 6-8 pages or something not sure,haven't checked in long time :p
    So, It's not that long.
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  12. Well...
    Oh, and what did I do to earn awesomeness?
  13. Aren't you a Toaster?
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  14. That's enough? I thought it was because I was a wizard.
  15. I wanted to write a book called "Thou cake remains unknown."
  16. I'm not on that list??? I'll sign one :)
  17. haha, thanks for adding me, I don't have wrote a book on EMC yet, so I think I will make like 10 right away, and than I will give one to you!
  18. I was at a mod party on smp1 and you could of asked some of the mods, ICC was afking(I think) but I would like a signed book from maxarias.
  19. You doin't need to write one, Just sign me a book :p
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