Show Yourself 3.0!!

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  1. Considering the first post had 41 pages and the second had 58 pages I thought I would post a fresh one.

    Another thing that motivated me to post this is that I said if I got to 2,000 likes I would finally post a picture of myself. (Thanks Pro for 78 notifications)
    ScreenHunter_01 Feb. 14 20.24.jpg

    So here you guys go:

    Oh and heres a free video to go along with it:
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  2. I can't see this catching on.
    Best to wait until it's done officially, the first was closed because of the all the old members on there.
    The second is getting along just fine.
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  3. Oh yes.
  4. But why now?
    Why do we need a third?
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  5. lRYHsQE.jpg
    Yes, my name is Clarice.
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  6. Only 78? I'm sure I had over 90 combined...

    And here's a picture of me from the old thread, at school at the moment so no new one :(