Should Nutty biome mart move to utopia?

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussion' started by Nuttyknight42, Sep 23, 2019.


Should I stay or should I go now?

Claim utopia res and two others res. 3 vote(s) 60.0%
Claim three res next to the res you already have. 1 vote(s) 20.0%
Your choice. 1 vote(s) 20.0%
  1. Hi Nuttyknight42 here and wondering if I should move Nutty biome mart to utopia?

    I'm going to get diamonds support, so I'll be able claim three more res. I could try to claim the three res next to my res or go to utopia and claim two more on other smps?

    What do you guys think?
  2. Utopia!
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  3. Yes, because you will have a much larger res to build your shop. :)
  4. Utopia!
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  5. Well, unlike a few other SMP2ers, I think you should stay on SMP2. The comment about having a bigger res is negated by actually amassing 4 regular residences on SMP2. I know it may seem like a fairy tale at this time, but someday, in a galaxy which seems far, far away....The Empire....Will Update. Whenever this happens, activity on an SMP is going to grow, and then those that join the Empire are going to become more enticed to stay. To my recollection, no one ever gets a starter res on Utopia.

    I am not exactly sure about all of the details, but know some form of teleportation to and from outposts are in the works with one of the upcoming updates. Therefore, those of us who like to work on our outpost say out in the frontier of SMP2, could simply come to town, and gather supplies. I have always enjoyed having you around SMP2, and hope you choose to stay. The key word in that last sentence though is choose, and that my friend is entirely up to you. I can live with whatever choice you make, just hope you make that choice based on good data, and not just the preferences of others.

    If you really want a Utopian residence, then that is understandable, but remember what I said the other day, unless you are actively supporting, waste and frontier access is not available in Utopia. Take it from someone who has explored the options of alts a bit, they can come in handy in situations like this :)

    Good Luck with your Endeavor, and I look forward to the Upgraded Biome Mart regardless where it lands.

    Tempered Outpost Founder
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  6. Thank you so much for you info KnightZerOne
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  7. Utopia makes the most business sense because I think utopia has the least outposts, therefore the greatest number of players would be able to access your shop in town without having to come back from an outpost.
  8. need a place for a shop i have a shop if you want lm me
  9. I claim a place on utopia, but thank you for the offer!
  10. Nutty biome mart is moving to utopia!
  11. I will still be around smp2, my outpost/ item factory is in the wild. Not mention I still have a res on smp 2, I will never truly leave smp2 unless I quit minecraft? Otherwise I'll be here : )
  12. Good to hear Nuttyknight42.

    As I said in my prior post, I am cool with whatever "Choice" you make. Someone, however, needed to debate for the SMP2 side to ensure your choice came from a balanced pros vs. cons stance. I feel my comments at least made the arguments for the other side of the coin. So your choice to go to Utopia is to me an even more founded decision that Utopia is where Biome Mart is destined to be. I wish you all the success one can garner in the marketplace, and do look forward to seeing you around when you are on SMP2. If I can ever be of assistance somehow, feel free to inquire. I may or may not have the resources or know-how, but I can offer some time to help you find an answer if nothing else.

    Be sure to keep us posted on the progress of your shop. You should consider starting a progress thread or something. Could start off by letting us know some of the pertinent information such as what res number / tag, and the initial phase you are working on. It would be cool to see how things progress over time, and then to have a record of what took place to make the shop the Empire will always know as..... "Biome Mart"!

    Take care my Fellow Knight!

    Tempered Outpost Founder
  13. Which forums should I post my progress on?