Should I Get my head?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by usuki134, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. So I'm considering auctioning off my head, I've never given my head to anyone, I've never even gotten my head, so if I do auction it off what would be a fair starting price?
  2. You can only auction heads at a minimum of 54 heads (1 in each slot in a DC). These can either be Mob OR Player heads. But there must be 54. :)
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  3. Non-staff heads generally sell for cheap.
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  4. Could always trade your heads or give 'em. Many people collect player heads (Like myself)
  5. Oh? I did not know that it had to be done like that, I've never seen anything for it.
  6. It is in the auction rules on forums, it will be there when you press community auctions.

    However, if you are auctioning in game? Feel free to do anything from 1 to 999999. :)
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  7. Oh yes if I do auction my head off it is going to be in game, I just can't decide on a good starting price if I do decide to do this.
  8. The problem with in-game auctioning is that there are often not enough interested players online to even start something.