Shop design for sale [cheap]

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  1. hey EMC
    i have build a shop on sigleplayer and i wanna sell the map so you can build it in EMC.there is no price because you can offer we start by 300R . the shop got 6 small chests on each floor,14 big chests ech floor my model gots 2 shop floors but you can add so much you want!.
  2. -First post-
  3. the picture does not work
  4. Right click it and press view image to see it.
  5. i dont like the pics under it
  6. He didn't mean to put those there I think, it's just the hosting
  7. Just upload it to, than put the links to the pictures here!
  8. it was free hosting and the reclame isnt from me
  9. Please move it to sytza. I checked the site in a sandbox and I managed to get 2 malwares o.e [Fortunately did it in sandbox so my comp is still safe :)]

    In addition, as a further warning, if you do not have an adblocker like Adblock or NoScript, it shows inappropriate ads, as well as a chat box not suited for children.
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  10. thats true i gonna upload it thanks for checking:D
  11. Looks cool!
  12. sorry for the small amount of info i gonna put more information on it
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