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Do you sleep with a plush?

I have done so as a kid, but not anymore. 4 vote(s) 36.4%
I don't recall ever sleeping with plushes in my bed. 1 vote(s) 9.1%
Yes, I do regularly have at least one plush in my bed! 6 vote(s) 54.5%
  1. Hi, it's me again!

    Not everyone has an internationally known plush. But I have some that aren't as well-known but are or have been important to me, too. ;)
    And I'm curious whether any of you have plushes that you loved in your childhood, or that you still love now!

    I will post the five plushes I've spent the most time with here. :)

    For the pictures I used a pair of earbuds for scale (We didn't have a good banana in stock :rolleyes:)

    Name: Poehtje (diminutive of Pooh)
    Name explanation: Well, it's Winnie-the-Pooh, and he's small. :p
    How did I get it: I think I got two of these for my birthday. My actual birthday, not an anniversary. ;) The other is in better shape still, but I took that to my room once, and I'm currently at my parental home.
    What did I use it for: Not too much. Sleeping with as a baby, toddler and child, I suppose. ;)

    Name: Ollich B. B. Bommel
    Name explanation: His name was originally Ollie B. B. Bommel. This was a reference to a Dutch fictional character, from literary comic book writer Marten Toonder. In reality, he has one 'B.' less in his name (and his name is 'Olivier', but some characters refer to him as 'Ollie'), but I thought that he had three names, apparently. The change of Ollie to Ollich happened because my cousin kept calling him Ollich, which I disliked. But he insisted on calling him Ollich, and eventually I decided to roll with it, as it made his name more unique, anyway. ;) The spelling of the name 'Ollich' (the 'ch' is pronounced as in 'church') was improvised by born_ego, who drew a portrait of Ollich in second grade of secondary education, as I hadn't ever written down his name before.
    How did I get it: I don't know!
    What did I use it for: I often took it with me as a kid, and in first and second grade of secondary education I took it to school a few times. I also used to have a game with my brother called "Ollich B. B. Bommel gevecht" (fight/battle), in which one of us would be in my bed and the other on the ground, and we would throw plushes at each other. :D

    Name: Piwi de Pengu die goed skieën kan

    Piwi's full name originally was "Piwi de Pengu die goed skieën kan", which, translated to English, means as much as "Piwi the Pengu who's good at skiing".
    However, there was one problem: dear Piwi wasn't actually good at skiing. So in an attempt to combat this, he had his name changed to "Piwi de Pengu die heel goed skieën kan", which comes down to "Piwi the Pengu who's very good at skiing".
    That, however, didn't change the matter: Piwi still couldn't ski.
    Then our Piwi decided to simply keep on practising, around the house. Every time he could, Piwi would try to ski, and fail. But Piwi would not give up! There were always enough new opportunities. Especially the railings at the stairs were a very good place to practice the art of skiing.
    Through consistent practice he got better and better, and eventually Piwi was actually very good at skiing. On top of that, he found out he could flutter in the air by flapping his wings, something which he started training after mastering the art of skiing. In the end, Piwi could ski like the best skier in the world, and could fly a bit too!
    Name explanation: the skiing part is explained above. "de Pengu" is either a reference to 'Penguin', 'Pingu', or both. For a long time I had no idea how I had arrived at "Piwi", but a few weeks ago I came across a collector's album of a supermarket Gogo marketing stunt, and I found out that there was a Gogo called Piwi!

    That is probably what I named it after!
    How did I get it: I don't know!
    What did I use it for: from maybe 2008-2011, for role-playing, the story of which is detailed above. Then I forgot about it for a while, as Ollich was my favourite plush as a kid. But at some point I started taking Piwi with me to school, and my friends loved him. After I had taken him with me on our 4-day excursion to London it was properly my mascot. ;) In 2014 I set a picture of Piwi as my profile picture on EMC, and in 2015 on the same day I organised the first Piwi Day event. In the years following I started using the Piwi profile pictures on more and more websites, and there are now few places on the internet where I don't use it. I don't take him with me anymore all the time, though, as when I lost him for a few months in 2019, I noticed that I was too attached to him. :) I do always take him with me when I go to my parental home, though, as Piwi's the only plush I sleep with.

    Name: Blue Bird
    Name explanation: Well, it's Blue Bird from Angry Birds, duh. :p
    How did I get it: There was some kind of anniversary in the family (a birthday or marriage probably), and we rented bungalows. For some reason my grandmother wanted to give me a present? So I asked for the Blue Bird plush, as at that time I was very much into Angry Birds. I believe she gave me an Angry Birds game for pc too, then.
    What did I use it for: When I played Angry Birds (on pc), I commentated on my own performance roleplaying as Blue Bird. :D When I stopped playing Angry Birds, I didn't use it anymore.

    Name: Vicsnap, or Snapvic
    Name explanation: Snappie is the Dutch name of Schnappi das kleine Krokodil. There was an educational Flash platformer I played a lot as a kid that was called "Vic de vitaminevreter" (Vic the vitamin eater, although 'vreten' is a lot more vulgar than the regular word for eating). Vic was actually a dragon, but his head looks quite similar to the head of this plush, so I thought it would make sense. I wasn't sure whether to call him Vicsnap or Snapvic, as I like both, so I decided he would have both names. I try to use them as alternately as possible. ;)
    How did I get it: Fairly recently, actually, for Sinterklaas. I can't recall where my mother found it.
    What did I use it for: A physical comfort when I'd like one bigger than Piwi. :p He's also usually downstairs here, and often gets into funny positions. :p He's got quite the expression on his face!

    I hope that was interesting to read. :D Do any of you have plushes you're fond of? Maybe you can make a post using the format that I used, but you may also make deviating posts. :) A picture would be greatly appreciated, though!

  2. These are the plushes I have 'used' the most, sitting in my chair :)
    The large one is called "schildje" (deminutive of the name of a tortoise's shield,) holding his tradmark rattle. The little sheep, the one on the right on the right is called "memme," for whom I nitted little choths when I was eleven. I had plans to make them for more plushes, but ultemetly didn't because reasons. I think she is the one I played with most. The penguin on the right is called... "pinguïn" (Dutch for penguin) I don't really have anything to say about that one.

    My sister and I used to play with all of the different plushes we had collectivly at once, roleplaying different stories. Most of them had superpowers, all of them bizzare character quircks. We made up supervillans, or there would be mutery within the group.
    The large tortoise was basically all powerfull, jet extreemly slow, both in movement and in understanding, usually getting distracted by food somewhere, to not be seen again. The little sheep had what basically equites to air powers, the penguin ice ones. It was not a hard magic system or anything :p

    I got the sheep when I was very young, not more than a few years old. The penguin came a few years later, both I think from a birthday aniversairy. How I got the tortoise is a bit too long of a story...

  3. This is Zaddy (Pronounced ZAY-dee) and she protects me from evil! I used to keep a sewing pin under her ear so she could use it as a weapon.
    I'm not sure exactly when I got her, but my best friend of now 16-17 years gave her to me. She had a ballerina's outfit on at the time but I took it off and have no clue where it is now. I honestly cannot sleep comfortably unless I'm hugging her.
    I love stuffed animals, but the funny thing I like to tell people is that a part of me believes that they're actually sentient, and I'm afraid that if I have a lot of them, then they're going to think that I love some more than others and they'll revolt against me in the middle of the night and strangle me to death, so I just sleep with the one.
    Hyperempathy is painful sometimes.
  4. I love this. :D
    This is interesting, though, I seemed to recall you saying that you didn't have plushes a a kid, because your mother thought you oughtn't get too attached to material objects (which I do agree with, but it's hard).

    That's kind of creepy. :p Thanks for sharing, though. :D I guess if once upon a night, Zaddy is suddenly wearing her ballerina outfit again, you know what's up... ;)
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  5. u right. She hasn't done that yet so I'm safe for now...
  6. Well, you're kind of remembering it wrong, I guess :p
    I did have plushes, as you can clearly see, but I didn't really have them to the extend most people seem to have done. For me, they were just toys, just things to play with, nothing more than that. When I hear other people's childhood stories, it seems like they had become more than that to them.
    I often rationalise this by stating my mother's opposion to giving value to material objects, which she had as a buddhist. I am not sure if this is actually why both I and my sister behaved so differently than usual, but it seems like a rational explanation, which is why I use it :p

    What might indeed also play a role is that I got plushes why later than most people. I did have one when I was too young to remember it, which my mother kept with her for a long time, such that little me would be comforted by its presence at night, because of its similairities of her's. I kept it with me whenever she was not there, but I learned of its existance through pictures of me. The one I got after that one must have been the little sheep, which was at the age I was old enough to have friends, who noticed I didn't have any stuffed animals, and then got me them for my birthday. I think it was in "groep 5," but it might have been even later.
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  7. These are the only plushes I got, as I never really "got into" them. There's quite a story behind them as well:

    The cat to the right, (acquired in 2003[?]), had a story attached to him on his tag. I do not remember if the candy store I got him at when I was 9 is still around, but his name is Frisco. He had a story as well, but... I do not remember what it was.

    On the left we have a white Pikmin from the game Pikmin 2. In 2004, I fell in love with that game immediately. I loved it so much that I needed to get some merch from the game~ Being only 10 at the time and not having much money, I got the white Pikmin only, since getting all 5 was expensive. (Pikmin 2 merch at the time was extremely rare and expensive.) --- I thought it was funny that the white Pikmin was mailed to me in a full-sized envelope. No protection, nothing. It was just crammed in there to fit into the mailbox. I'll never forget that~

    You can see that I never "fully got into" plushes, as they have not aged that well. The white Pikmin needs to be cleaned (it should be much whiter than this) and some of it's threads are loose. As for Frisco, he has long since lost his whiskers and he doesn't look as clean as it could be either.

    I have such nice childhood memories attached to these two items, it reminds me of much simpler times. :)
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  8. Here are the plushies that share my bed! From left to right we have:
    - Stumpy - My childhood Build-A-Bear
    - Baymax - I bought whilst studying at uni, he was too cuddly to resist!
    - Percy (the porg) - First seen in Star Wars - The Last Jedi, I wanted one of these cute cuddly things since I saw the film; my partner bought me him as part of a Christmas present :3
    - Crumpet (Snorlax) - A birthday present from Sachrock :p

  9. I just recently got this bad boy for my body pillow

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  10. omg I swear I had that same cat too!!
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  11. Hey, so sorry about the quality of the image, Good idea for the thread! So the one on the left is name
    tomato, i named him tomato because i hate tomatoes and my friend named his pickles because he hates pickles and so i named him tomato, but i don't hate him ;) i got tomato when i was 7, i stole him from my sisters bedroom and she let me keep him and know he sleeps conformably in my bed :) the one on the right is named skrufills, an YouTube i watched this youtuber and his dogs name was skrufills so i named skrulfills that! i got him at a young age passed down from my brother, i had a buch of other stuffies but skrufills was the only surviver, i think i got him in Isreal when my brother was there, to be honest im not sure! and he been with me ever since!
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  12. This thread... it's my time to shine!

    I have loved plushies since I was a kid. I have always slept with some number of them. I'm a generally anxious person, and they've always just had a way of calming me down.

    My current collection is quite nice, containing a fair amount of Squishmallows and dinosaurs ( 2 of my special interests)!

    Far too many to go into detail about as you can see, but I'll delve into a few of the more special ones!

    This is Butterbear. Butterbear has been around for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, he went with me everywhere. He was my first ever comfort item., and for an anxious person, comfort items are a huge deal.
    Well... one day I was playing outside, Butterbear in hand of course. I ended up sitting him down on the bumper of my neighbors car, and I ended up forgetting he was there. Flash forward to the next evening, I was miserable and couldn't find this thing anywhere. But to our surprise, my neighbor came to our door, bear in hand. He said he'd noticed the bear once he got to work that day, meaning it had stayed on his bumper the entire ride! Magic I tell you. Magic.
    Anyways, I loved this bear so much. But, upon moving from my childhood home, I lost him. It was devastating.
    Of course, there is obviously a happy ending here. Flash forward a bit and my mom get's a call from my aunt. She had found this bear on Ebay and asked my mom if she could buy it for me. I was reunited with my old friend and I have loved him ever since!

    This guy is Mister Fox. His story is a simpler one.
    Once upon a time, I was having a pretty crummy day. I was overall just sad and gloomy, not having that great of a time. Well, I was running some errands with my mom. We had to stop at the drug store to pick up her medication, so I waited in the car. She came out with this guy to help cheer me up. I have absolutely loved him every since.

    Finally, we have Tiggey ( pronounced like tie-guh-ee ). I named him that at a very young age and refuse to change it.
    I have loved tigers for as long as I can remember. I find them to be such beautiful animals. I love them on a deeper level now as an adult for some more personal reasons of course. Either way, this guy will always have a spot on my bed, no matter what.
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  13. Um, maybe edit out the link and change it to a picture of the body pillow instead, as if I go to that link I see "People who viewed this item also viewed" full of nsfw pictures. :confused:

    Great story, I love it. :D

    That's an interesting story!
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  14. Anyone heard Of a panda called issinoho?
  15. I've got an update to this. :D I only got the one on the picture for my actual birthday, and it was worn down because of usage.
    After a few years we left it somewhere, and my mother realised that it might actually get lost later. So she bought another one, and gave me that first, before returning my first. I didn't want to sleep with it though, because it wasn't worn down. :p (which was most notable on the tag) So then my mother gave me both; the old one so I would sleep happily again, and the new one so I could get acquainted to that, in case the old one would get lost in the future. But from then on I only wanted to sleep if I had both. :rolleyes:
  16. This is Ferdinand a May Zodiac Taurus beanie baby.. (also it's among multiple other beanie babies.) I may post them or not..

  17. Not sure I want to lay my head on his belly, turn my head and see him staring at me. But that might just be me.
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  18. post them post them post them!!! I love old-style beanie babies!
    We have a ton of them in our garage and we have no idea what to do with them. I wonder if people still collect them...
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  19. When I was finishing tidying up my desk I found this old plush!

    I had it in some fairly early year of primary education, if I recall correctly. I was very attached to it and had it in my fist at night or while playing. One day I played with it on the slide at school, and it lost the yellow thing you see on it. I was very sad for it, so my mother glued it back on. However, she didn't glue it back on in the right angle, so it didn't fit in my fist as it used to anymore. Voila, my attachment to it was gone. :p
  20. OwO