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  1. In this thread, you can post ANY kind of art you want! Just make sure it is appropriate. It can be real life, minecraft, ANYTHING! XD! DO NOT make fun of someone else's artwork!!
    (If I did something wrong, tell me because this is my first thread.)
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  2. th[4].jpg Guess who this is. :)
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  4. You did nothing wrong really, but there is already a thread about posting art.:rolleyes:
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  5. That thread is pretty old so I think it's ok to have another.
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  7. Pinned/stickied threads are ok to post on, not matter how old (as long as the topic is relevant).:)
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  8. ---I did not paint this---
    One of my favourite categories of art, paintings of WW2. Here we see members of the Airborne 101st during the Battle of the Bulge.
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  9. I don't think there should be much of a problem with 2 threads.. In fact, the first confused me a little bit because I thought it wasn't really meant to share art / pictures but focused more on your own work.

    Ever since I was a kid I've been a huge fan of the Dragonlance series. When I was 14 TSR (gaming company, known for their fantasy games material ((Advanced) Dungeons & Dragons and a lot of other stuff) released the first novel in what turned into the Dragonlance Chronicles trilogy.

    Dragonlance takes place in a fantasy world; the planet Krynn. Most stories involve around the continent of Ansalon and deals with some classic fantasy topics. Sometimes dark, sometimes a little mature (not too excessive) and very intriguing, at least in my opinion. I read the story many times, I even read the sequel; the Dragonlance Legends, and tried to get into the 2nd generation as well but that never managed to grasp my attention that much.

    What I really came to love about the first trilogy, besides the story, were their titles as well as the used cover artwork, made by Larry Elmore. Just to give a brief impression of these novels:

    Dragons of Autumn Twilight

    A group of friends (the companions) meet up after having parted for several years, only to find their homeland "different". The people have stopped worshipping the old gods and more or less renounced them, even going as far as seeking out their followers. Which leads to an adventure where they discover that one of these ancient gods; Takhisis, the queen of darkness if you will, is planning to seize power over the lands.

    Dragons of Winter Night

    The plot thickens. As it turns out the sister of the brothers Majere (two of the companions) has joined up with the forces of Takhisis and became one of the feared Dragon Highlords. The companions also manage to come across Goldmoon, who happens to be one of the true clerics of the ancient gods (Mishakal) and she has the power to heal people. Considering the overmight of the dark forces the companions set out to seek refuge in the Elven lands, which brings a whole new set of problems of its own. Here they meet up with Laurana (one of my favorite characters, her elven name being Lauralanthalasa) and discover that there are still good dragons in the world...

    Dragons of Spring Dawning

    It doesn't help if your brother has devoted his entire life towards magic and constantly balances on the edge between being neutral (those who wear the red robes) and evil (those who wear black robes). Although very fragile and constantly having severe problems with his health, Raistlin has managed to obtain a lot of power which truly starts to show in this final chapter; here he tries to seize power as one of the dominant forces of magic in the world.

    What I really liked most about this chapter is how it tries to redefine "good" and "evil" from completely new perspectives. In this chapter Raistlin sways towards evil, even takes on the black robes, but in doing so allows his friends to take down one of the most powerful Dragon Highlords and even blocks the Dark Queen from manifesting herself on Krynn. While he has evil intentions the outcome could be considered good. Or can it?

    Alas, leading up to the picture I actually wanted to share. This picture really manages to capture the spirit of the Dragonlance Chronicles in my opinion. Truly a work of art:

    The companions of the Lance

    From left to right (lets see if I still remember the names):
    • Raistlin Majere
    • Caramon Majere
    • Tanis Half-Elven
    • Tasslehoff Burrfoot
    • Flint Fireforge (background)
    • Goldmoon (foreground, holding the lute)
    • Riverwind
    • Storm Brightblade; one of knights of Solamnia
    • Tika
    • Laurana.
    (lol, I had to peek and look up Flint & Riverwind).
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  10. Oh, you can actually share other's works here? That's pretty cool, good idea! :D
    What counts as "appropriate", though? Do you mean no teen/mature/adult rated stuff?
  11. Figured I might as well show where the current image of my avatar is coming from. In my opinion its amazing how Anime can lead up to all sorts of masterpieces. This is one of my favorite anime-based pictures:

    Of course it also helps that I really liked the silent, mysterious, character of Rei Ayanami in the NGE anime series :)
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  12. wow thats amazing! all of them!
  13. Ruby-throated Hummingbird...Love the colours! :) image.jpg
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  14. Well, um... let's see what art I have...

    *draws an ugly stickman that's too ugly to post here then breaks down, crying at my horrible art skills*