ShalomOut's Promo Selling/buying Stop

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  1. You know what this thread is about. I am selling Promos To YOU!

    Here is a list of Items I am selling
    -2014 Labor Bench 13k for sale: 0
    -2013 new years Empire Firework 15k for sale: o
    -Headless Horseman's Mask 15k For sale: 2
    Here is a List of items I am buying
    - 2014 Labor Bench
    - 2014 Birthday Cake
    -2013 Labor Bench
    -2013 Birthday Cake
    -Headless Horseman's Mask

    Please Private Message me prices! please do not Pm me in game, due to I want this organized.

    Items that I need to know how much they are worth:

    *keep in mind , I may reject your price due to how much it costs or how much rupees I have*

    Please keep in mind as the market changes the prices will change!
    any items I haven't changed price on and/or over/underpriced? tell me! I will be glad to change!
    Any Text you cant read? tell me and I will change!

    this is my first shop set up like this so constructive criticism is ok with me!
  2. Bump, right now I am not Buying promos, but I am selling them!
  3. Bump we have 2 labor benches for sale 13k each!
    still looking for buyers for 2 labor benches PM me if you want to buy!
  5. Erm your selling 2014 Labor benches and buying? :confused:
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  6. yes but I am not buying atm because I cant afford others
    I have 2 for sale right now by buying them for a bit cheaper than they cost.
  7. Bumpty Dumpty Bumped Of a Wall and he died lol

    still looking for buyers! tell me if I should lower price!
  8. bump i have to update thread soon!
  9. Neat thread, however the dark blue is a little hard on the eyes,
    I had to high light it to read it.
  10. ok changing colors!
  11. A full set of Iday gear costs roughly 75k+ ish depends on who you buy the armour from the sword has a set price of 25k
  12. ha my res is close to yours and i know you will make sales gl (good luck)
  13. well my cheap store didnt get a lot of buisness so i lowerd the prices and i go sales like CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:confused: so good luck and see when the prices are greatly mesured down the prices by 1-10r each time ok hopfully this helps and i do sell cheap stuff i am close to shalomOUT's res and he has great sales check him out!!!:cool::):p:D;)...soon i get DIAMOND or gold or even iron supporter i think that they should add EMERALD supporter too but i keep in mind its their choice so...! also i will help you out every week ill donate 1-5 stacks of stone brick ok!!!!!!!!! and i do sell andthing you may need i finally made it to 100,000r yayyy!:)although lost my DIAMOND gear:mad::eek: and now im nervous of the nether i lost all my gear:oops:dang and now i may sacrifice my wolfs:(but im ignoring the 7 losses ive had in diamond armour:rolleyes: so thats like 100000r all enchanted man hope you have good luck on stuff!!! good luck and dont loose your gear be careful guys.
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  14. How much for an i day Plate? Tell meeeeee :O
  15. independance plates generally go for about 45k from what I have seen, maybe more maybe less.
  16. Thank you And Congrats on 100,000r!
  17. Theyre crazy :( I wants a freedom boots of helm at least :confused:
  18. From Krysyy's party (the 3rd part) I got an un opened chest with I-day boots in them.
    Thanks Krysyy!:)
  19. I might also sell you some starter gear etc
  20. Bump... its been a while hasn't it?