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  1. So as you may know I am leaving EMC, and I will be doing a 100 Beacon / 100 Double Chest if Iron Auction. All funds going towards Massive Giveaways. I will also be purchasing many Promo Items, Diamonds etc. I don't see why not starting a little service up selling Flowers and Seeds. Now I am not really sure on Prices, but post below if you don't feel the prices are right. Be honest as well. If they are way to cheap, don't just take advantage, let me know, and I will maybe adjust, or keep it as is. Order Form Below.


    Dandelion (Flower)
    Sc - 1.2k
    Dc - 2.1k

    Poppy (Rose)
    Sc - 1.6k
    Dc - 3k

    Seeds (Wheat Seeds)
    Sc - 300r
    Dc - 500r

    No maximum Order :D
  2. Bumpty Bump :p
  3. Ill take a DC of dandelions :)
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  4. Ill take a SC of dandelions
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