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  1. Hey guys, If u guys need anything (1 item only) or need help with something tell me and I'll head out just ask the item your looking for into the comments my prices are


    Simple Waste Pick-ups : 100r

    Building : 200r

    Head Hunt : 500r

    Boss Battle : 15k (with the chance to drop the special drop Tooth Pick Marlix bow, Marlix Armor) (might take a week or days to complete please be patient) If the special drops don't drop you don't have to pay

    Only pay me after the quest is done I only do this on smp8. But Anyone from other SMP's can leave mail saying the quest or posting them.

    If you want to come fine. BUT I am not responsible for DEATH.

    if u want to help me just send me mail saying so. I will post u in this thread as a Adventurer.

    (these quest will take place on smp8)

    -Ender King :cool:
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  2. So if I order boss battle I get ALL the items from when you kill a boss? Is there a way where I can pay for you to record the ending of it? I don't want to get scammed haha
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  3. Boss battle? I want a marlix or momentus item :3
  4. Well if nothing drops you don't have to pay. But I have to get prepared for though because this quest is long.
  5. He clearly said the drop is a part of the payment..
  6. there is no point paying him to kill the Boss then if he gets 15k and you get absolutely nothing out of it lol
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  7. Also why would anyone pay 20k for you to do the difficulty 10 crazy run? i wouldn't pay even a 1/4 of that price to see someone die for no reason...
  8. I kill the boss and give the drop who ordered boss battle then they pay 15k
  9. Sadly, I see this service as very... Iffy. There's no way for us to know you didn't get a marlix bow, stash it, and give us a head, some shiny arrows, and a dragon stone fragment. And as for the difficulty ten run-Why? Why would anyone drop 20k to see you die in the wild? Sorry to be so critical, but I just don't think that the "quests" part of this is going to work.
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  10. it says in the post if the special drop doesn't drop you don't have to pay
  11. guys I'm feeling your just skimming through the post
  12. No the original post has been edited since i last checked so don't say that
  13. No really im trying to fix the complaints you guys are making
  14. I'm not particularly good with constructive criticism, but I see some flaws in pretty much everything that I'd like to point out as lightly as I can.

    Meh, in some cases you might just be starting an outpost and aren't prepared so it's sort of needed, although plenty of people do this for free.

    Soo it will take you upwards of a week to come kill a boss.. I'm sure you can see the giant goof in that without me having to say much else.

    Maybe because you're constantly editing it. I don't mind you editing your topic for the better, but at least don't lie about it and blame it on us that we didn't see it the first time. If you're changing things, don't expect us to foresee the change before you make it.

    Perfectly okay, just don't blame it on us once again.

    Any explanation as to what any of these are..? These are all very vague catagories. Such as building; are you supplying materials? Are you skilled at building (example screenshots?). Are you only building walls and repetitive things of the similar nature?

    I have no idea what a head hunt is.

    What is the definition of a "Simple Waste Pick-Up?" A mining trip? A few trees? A flower or two?
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  15. What do you mean by Building?
  16. Building is you know build - A house, Statue , Casino, anything
  17. So you could build a mega mall for 200r?
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  18. Yeah sure just Send me a Private message and what supplies I need and the location
  19. Simple waste pick-up : Rescue Mission (only on smp8) , Mining, and other stuff

    Head Hunt: just send me a request what head you want (Don't Ask for staff heads)

    I cant take screenshots because I don't know how to put them into the thread.
  20. You can upload screenshots to a site like imgur and link to the picture here :)