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  1. Ok so since my construction company went out of business I'm starting a new business to make rupees before my store opens.

    What do I do?
    Anything. Have redstone problems? Need a section of dirt removed? Need a long and tedious task done? Want to have your res remodeled? I'm the person for you!

    I specialize in redstone projects, farms, and houses. Just go to my res on SMP9 if you don't believe me.

    Why am I doing this?
    I need rupees. I'll work for a fair price or even a trade.

    How can I hire you?
    Use this form below in your post:

    Type of job:
    Res #:
    Price your willing to pay:
    Will you be providing the materials:

    Thanks, AbstractToast9
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  2. Type of job: Device to Simulate a Dice Roll
    Payment: Rupees
    Res #: 14891
    Price your willing to pay: 7000r
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  3. Will you be supplying materials or no?
  4. Yes, I just need a list
  5. Ok, perfect! We have a deal.
    I will work on a list and PM it to you now.

    Please setup 2DC chests with access signs and setup flags. Once you have this done and all the materials, PM me.
    How does paying half (3500R) now and the other half (3500R) when it's done sound?

    Oh, and btw it would be very helpful if you could clear a 9x9 spot for the die and mark it, if you won't be on later.

    Thanks! AbstractToast9
  6. Ok, I will just need to go look on my SP world to see where the die will go on the gameboard. I should have everything ready soon.