[Service] Building houses as a fundraiser!

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  1. Greetings EMCians!

    I've come to you today with a new temporary service to raise funds for my projects on EMC. I've recently built a house for Rosy2696 and lot's of visitors loved the design.

    Full album here: http://ieclipsys.deviantart.com/gallery/51102353/Devious-Folder

    So... here's the idea. I can build these houses in loads of different ways, so there is no way two of them will be identical. I will be building these houses to raise funds for my own projects to come and to fund my 1111th day dropparty soon to come :D!

    All you need to tell me is:
    - Which kinds of logs you want (for the exterior)
    - Which color in stained clay you want (for the walls)
    - Which kind of stone block you want (for the roof)
    - Which kind of flooring you want
    - How many floors (ranging from 2 to 5, NOT counting the main floor)
    - Glass blocks or panes as windows
    - Basement yes or no

    I'll be building these houses for 125k (I buy the materials), or 75k (you buy materials)

    If you're interested please contact me and we'll talk about where and all that :)

    This service will be started at the END of September!

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  3. It's 175k, from which I buy materials, build it, size doesnt really matter. It could also be 40x40 if you want. After building it there needs to be an amount of rupees left to invest in new ventures/projects that I got lined up for the future :p I might change the price if noone is interested in a price this high.
  4. Penguin has the right of it, that is one Heck of a price tag
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  5. Price altered :)
  6. -Removed-
    Does it have to be a full block for the ceiling? I'd prefer stairs or slabs for mine (yes, I am considering getting one)?


    Oh hey, ninja'd by eclipsys.
  7. Full block roofs are not a must, I haven't experimented with slab roofs yet :) As for a lower price with you supplying materials is also an option!

    Altered pricing
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  8. - Log type: Dark Oak Logs
    - Stained clay type: White
    - Stone block for roof: Does it have to be stone? Can I get Quartz Slabs? If not, Stone Bricks would be nice.
    - Block for floors: Sandstone, carpeted in some areas.
    - Floors: 3
    - Glass panes or block: Panes
    - Basement: Yes

    I was wondering if I could get this for free or very cheap if I supplied the materials, since that's how it worked out with Rosy2696?
  9. Prices in the main thread are the ones I use :) It's a 'discount' on a regular build with my build service (which is currently non active)
  10. - Log type: Spruce
    - Stained clay type: White
    - Roof: Stone Brick
    - Block for floors: Stone Slab
    - Floors: 1
    - Glass panes or block: Panes

    I would like my house to be on utopia /v +blue
    Does it cost extra for Utopian res's?
    I would like it to fit into a 35 x 35 space right in the center of my res.

    Please let me know if this is possible?
  11. Its possible :) please start a conversation with me so we can discuss the details
  12. And please start a conversation with me to discuss the details :)
  13. bumper-bumper
  14. Bumperz, any other people interested?
  15. Seriously this needs to be bumped because I just had my mansion built and it is awesome. It's on utopia res 5369 or just type /v +Blue. Please feel free to view this amazing work ^_^
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  16. BlueVault's Mansion:
    Dining Room.jpg Hallway 2.jpg Hallway.jpg Living Room 2.jpg Living Room 3.jpg Living Room.jpg Storage Room.jpg
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  17. Love it
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  18. Next one will be PenguinDJ :D
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