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  1. Welcome to this service hosted by Samsimx & Faithcaster
    We Kill Any Mob, Anywhere!

    Prices & Packages
    We offer 2 different packages to this service:

    1) We pay YOU 5,000 rupees, we come take care of the boss and WE will get the loot.

    2) We go to your base/area and kill the boss FREE and we split the loot into 3. If the loot isn't shareable, we will create an auction for the item, and split the rupees into 3.

    Maximum Travel Distance & Security
    We will walk 10,000MC blocks out from any outpost.
    After we've killed the boss, we will leave the area, and stay away forever; unless you have another pest that needs to be dealt with.

    How to order:
    Please PM us on the site, and make sure to include both Samsimx & Faithcaster.
    Let us know what package you would want, and where your mob is.

    Security of your base is our speciality!

    Service Approved By OrigamiJoe
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  2. Well played faith.
  3. Hmm. Good luck, hallandr721 and I tried something similar a while ago and got a grand total of zero jobs. Let me know how you guys do :)
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  4. When I first read this I was a bit um...trying to think of a word, all that comes to mind is skeptical. BUT I changed my mind and wish you guys luck. Before you think I'm a jerk, I'll just let you know, I think most people are going to get hung up at, which is what made me first go "Uh...no thanks" Because I was like "How do I know I will get the correct amount from the auction?:
    But I then saw:
    Which made me feel better, since it is Mod approved. I wish you guys Luck. :)
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  5. First bug has been dealt with, and the first set of happy customers have been throu our service!

    Momentus Has Fallen!
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