Servers work with 1.24 or 1.25 clients!

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  1. 1.2.4 JUST came out! i just tried and you CANNOT play on empireminecraft if you update as of now! because this is an unofficial thread, i wont speak for Justin, but i will say this: it most likely will take a while for bukkit to be updated, along with all the server mods!

    If you want to see your lot again, don't update or you wont be able to get on!
  2. Thanks, this is important to know
  3. i just wanted to post it because in the update to 1.2.3 and 1.2.2 it didn't affect it much, but this ruined my ability to play minecraft multiplayer, so everyone should know before they get ssp-zoned.
  4. Ahh I just literally updated as I saw this :/
  5. oh no!
  6. Now bukkit has become part of the mojang team, hopefully we should see a pretty quick update from them, and Justin will have the EMC one ready to go within a day or two of that. :)
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  7. luckily EMC has pretty much the best staff around so i would not be surprised to see it done by tomorrow!
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  8. I just updated as well...
    oh well, maybe i will try some seeds suggested by Youtube that I saw. One of them being "stpattiesday" that antvenom suggested.
    Or sleep, thats always a possibility with the movie tonight at 12:01am
  9. Same just updated like 30 seconds ok.:mad: But i fixed it if you click youe minecraft butten it brings to the login if you secroll down there and select 1.2.3 it will alowe you to sewithch back to that making Empire Minecraft work again.:D
  10. Oh, we have already updated to 1.2.5.... this is outdated thread. :(
  11. Thanks for bumping it..
  12. 1.2.5 works with 1.2.4 servers :)
  13. Yes, because the fact that I replied to a necro-bumped thread 3 minutes later makes me a bad person.
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  14. This thread would be a lot less confusing if the topic was "Do NOT upgrade your Minecraft to 1.2.5" as it would make the obsolescence of this thread much more evident.