[Semi-relgious thread] For all of you who've lost a loved one....

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  1. And if your a parent who have lost your Son
  2. Somewhat of a bump.....
  3. What does semi-religious even mean? I lost my mom to cancer a little over a year ago, but I'm not religious... so... I'm seriously confused what you mean. May I or may I not participate in this one?
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  4. What i ment was that these songs are semi-religous, but not 100% worshiping God.
    And of course your allowed in this thread :)
  5. He is something that is kinda if you loose someone. It was on my brothers frunal
  6. I've never lost a loved one. Everyone who has died in my family is somebody I never met.
    But, my grandad founded this. I'm proud of him for that. This song reminds me of him...