[Selling] Zombie Grinder with Farm and Chests

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  1. Hi Empire!
    As I am resetting everything, I need to sell my zombie grinder. I am asking 7.5k for all of this. I will PM you the co-ords after I receive payment. If you want the grinder, reply to this thread or send me a PM! The grinder is on smp3.

    The Grinder:
    -Single zombie grinder
    -Zombies (And me!) have fun on a water coaster to a big drop, so they are a 1-3 hit kill.
    -If the drops get stuck, just press to lever to flush the drops to you!
    -AFK home, so you can go AFK without having to worry about those creepers!

    The Enviornment:
    -The area is torched up, I have only seen a few mobs there
    -Wheat and Melon farm!
    -Huge area, protected by glass.

    The Chests:
    Just look at the pictures...
    2012-11-03_20.06.25.png 2012-11-03_20.06.36.png 2012-11-03_20.06.46.png 2012-11-03_20.06.56.png 2012-11-03_20.07.41.png 2012-11-03_20.08.05.png 2012-11-03_20.08.18.png 2012-11-03_20.08.30.png 2012-11-03_20.08.38.png 2012-11-03_20.09.24.png

    Happy Grinding!
  2. Cool, but first, what server is it? I might be interested in buying it.
  3. Oops, forgot that! smp3
  4. Ok, thats good, but a few more questions:
    How far is it from spawn?
    Is it on a west/east/south/north outpost?
    Is it in a "man harmed" place?
    Yeah, so if you answer those... :D
  5. You might want to edit that out penguin, someone could go find the spawner without paying.
  6. Edit what out?
  7. nvm you removed it. XD
  8. James, I PMed you what you wanted to know.
  9. Grinder is sold. I will discuss the details in a PM. Would a mod close this, please?
  10. Darn, i'm too late.