[ Selling ] Unneeded Items

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  1. DC of Picture Frames
    SC of glass blocks
    DC's of Pumpkins (infinite)
    Zombie Heads x65
    Skelle Heads x32
    Spider Heads x9
    Chickeneer Head x1
    DC of Paper x8

    Please PM me or comment below to settle a price for these items.

    Pumpkins may take a day or two of being ONLINE to acquire
  2. How much for the item frames?
  3. unneeded item? D: This should be a prized possessions
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  4. They're picture frames my friend
  5. Holy moly, where have I been. I had the idea you left Emc :rolleyes:
    Chickeneer, it's nothing personal. It's just...these times are rough and I need to feed my family...

    And if you would be kind enough to change the title to " [ Selling ] Some Items to make some Dough
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  6. you seem to be digging yourself a bit of a hole :p
  7. deep. I be seeing things
  8. How much per DC of paper?
  9. I'll take the chickeneer head and all the paper. Since I have no idea what Chickeneer heads are worth, I'm just going to say 20k. Does this work, or should I go higher?
    EDIT: 20k for it all.
  10. How much 4 the chickens head
  11. I have decided, with a whole night of pondering, that I will be keeping the chicken's head. But as of paper, I will be selling 600r per DC, Southpark gets em' first if he wants em'.
  12. how much for the glass ?
  13. Ill take any left over paper.
  14. How much for the zombie heads?
  15. i want the chickeneer head if its a decent price
  16. 3.6k
    Throw me an offer
  17. Sorry didn't see it
  18. any paper left?