[SELLING] TNT - Min 1stack - Max 9Stacks

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  1. I have a total of 576TNT (9Stacks) that I wanna sell.
    I don't know what the price of TNT is so I'm taking offers.
    I only sell min 1stack at a time, and max is 9stacks.

    Please don't offer under 35R each, that's was the first offer I got.
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  2. i want all 9 stacks, ill pay 9k, sound good?
  3. ill offer 75r each tnt and ill buy the lot
  4. Is anybody willing to give more than 75R each?
  5. 80 each, 2 stacks.
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  6. ill pay 20k for all of it
  7. I don't understand why you are keep offering so low, can't you see the previus post' ?
  8. Ill set up a chest for you on Smp5 res #11240. :)