[Selling] Slime Blocks! Slime Block Pyramid @ 18616

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  1. Whether your looking for slime blocks or just want to take a small break from the daily grind, bounce on over to the Slime Block Pyramid @ 18616!

  2. looks fun... how many stacks of slime blocks is there?
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  3. In the build, just over 2 DCs. In stock, a lot :D. Bump
  4. don't you already have a thread about this? Or is that someone elses?
  5. You may have seen it in "Share your EMC creations". Started this one after we began selling slime blocks. Not sure if there are any other slime block creations out there.

  6. Ahhhh.
  7. That looks incredible...
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  8. Are they cheap? Is this on smp9?
  9. It is on smp9. Current prices can be found here:

  10. Thanks!
  11. I see what you did there :3
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