[SELLING] Single skeleton spawner.

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    I found a single skeleton spawner not too far from spawn on SMP7 (just over 1000 blocks away). It was not touched by anyone else when I found it. I tried to do something with it but it wasn't working out so good so I just decided to let someone else take it over. I'd like to sell it for about 5ooor or best offer. Once paid, I will send the buyer the coordinates to the entrance I made.

    DISCLAMER: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/guide-selling-mob-spawner-locations.9738/
  2. What server is it on?
  3. Smp 7. Sorry about that.
  4. *Cough Disclamer Cough* *Cough Where is it Cough*
  5. *Cough I'll tell you when I get paid Cough*
  6. You must include this in the OP.
  7. *Cough This will be taken down by a moderator if you dont have the Disclamer Cough*
  8. Oh sorry, didn't know that. Editing now.
  9. Is there some kind of cold going around?
    Also, would you be able to provide the Y coordinates? (up and down)
  10. I am not there at the moment but I believe they were around 20.
  11. Excellent... I already have one but its really far away, this may be easier for me...
    I'll pay 3k if nobody else wants it
  12. Sounds good. If no other offer is made in like 20 mins I'll sell it for that.
  13. Also, did u take the mossy cobble?
    I liek mossy cobble...
  14. 3.5k is my offer
  15. i dont know if this is legal... but 4k... is this too much like an auction if i do that?
  16. Lol no idea. And yes I did take the mossy cobble... Sorry :p
  17. Hey one of you people who is good with the rules and such! Is that legal?
  18. i need bones :(
    but rather then doing 5k, ill just walk to my far away spawner :p