[Selling] Secret Redstone Torch Door

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  1. I can now make a redstone door where you place the redstone torch on the wall then the door opens the torch gets broke and you go through press a button on the wall then the door closes it currently requires:

    3 Sticky Pistons and a stack of redstone with 2 repeaters

    The door can be anything, I can make a double, 3 high door, witch uses 6 sticky pistons

    Here is the doors I can make:

    2 By 1 Door - 2 Sticky pistons, total of: 5 sticky pistons
    3 By 1 Door - 3 Sticky pistons, total of: 6 sticky pistons
    2 By 2 Door - 4 Sticky pistons, total of: 7 sticky pistons
    3 By 2 Door - 6 Sticky pistons, total of: 9 sticky pistons

    You supply:


    I supply: