[SELLING]Promos I have multiples of!

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  1. So, I just collect my promos just like the next guy. But... they sit in a vault all bunched up, I really only need one of each. These promos are old enough (probably 1-2 years at least) that I dont think the price will go up. I still slap myself every time I see the word ore buster because I sold like 12 of them at 12k each 2 weeks after they came out *facepalm*. Anyways- Here they are:

    • (x1) Stable Voucher
    • (x1) Vault Voucher
    • (x1) Empire Firework 4th of July 2013
    • (x4) Turkey Slicer 2013
    • (x2) Labor Bench 2013
    I do not know prices, but I will be looking around. Just post below your price, please no low ballers.
    I will mail item(s) once payment is received.

    Buying 'Book of Colors' Promo, PM me.

    EDIT: Prices:
  2. Bump.

    Also FYI according to this, this is not an early bump, please correct me if I am wrong...
  3. I laugh about ore busters too because I tried selling my ore buster to get pots of gold for my horse farm but the ~9% of missing durability from the days that I used it for diamond mining apparently dropped the value of it by 90% by that standard, it would be worth 0 rupees if I ever take down below 90% durability.. :oops: ..And then I will have to start paying people to take it..
  4. If it is already used, use it more. Diamonds are at 120 each and u can get a lot. More with more buster.
  5. Would 70k be good for these:
    • (x1) Empire Firework 4th of July 2013
    • (x1) Independence Day Firework 4th of July 2013
    Got the prices from this post.
  6. Yeah, I can do 70. Once payment t is gotten I will mail. I get home at 3.
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  7. Payment sent :)
  8. Would you trade for Rudolph? I have 2 spare pot of golds and a spare Headless Horseman Mask.
    Also is Rudolph used or unused?
  9. Unused. I am not looking for trades though. Sorry.
  10. Mailed you items :)

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  11. Bump, there are some good promos for grabs up here!