Selling Nether Wart

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  1. I just tried to open a shop to sell nether wart, but it seems that no one can purchase from my shop - it tells them 'out of stock' when they try to purchase.

    When I create the sign, it changes the product name to "Nether Warts" even though I am writing "Nether Wart" and I think this is the problem. I looked at the shop in the Empire store, and the sign says "Nether Wart" and of course works fine. I don't know why my sign is automatically changing the product name when I create it.

    Is anyone else selling nether warts in the game, and if so, what are you doing to get the shop to work?
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  2. The code for nether wart is "nether stalk".
    If you are ever unsure, you can check the server store(some may be different), or other players stores for the appropriate item names. :)
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  3. Just found that out at Sir_Creeper's store. Thanks! I checked the server store, but it says nether wart... couldn't figure that out for a minute!
  4. Justin also implemented a new command the other day as well. If you type /iteminfo, it will give you all the information on the item which you are currently holding in your hand. So all you have to do is hold the item and you will get the item code, etc.
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