[SELLING] Max Res Upgrade Voucher!

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  1. Okay, Selling this Max Res Upgrade Voucher!
    My price is: 1.5 Million Rupees.
    If Anyone is interested comment below! I will take offers!
  2. hello idk if u still have them but im interested
  3. This thread is 10 months old, he has probably sold it by now. There was no need to bump this old thread.
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  4. I wouldn't ask somebody who posted a thread nearly a year ago.. Your chances are next to nothing that they still have it and you bumped an old thread.

    If you want a voucher, then make a thread asking to buy one for your price instead of bumping old threads.
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  5. how would i do that?
  6. Go here and click "New Thread". Then title it whatever you want and put your information, like the item you want and the price.
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  7. Since you are a "New member" Do you know what a Max Res Voucher is? I do not think you have enough funds for this item yet either, Please read on the wiki what this item is before commenting, Thank you :)
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  8. so u still have it?
  9. No sorry, Please don't respond this thread is old :)