[Selling] Iron, Gold, and Diamond Supporter Vouchers

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  1. Come and grab a supporter voucher to show off your Empire Support while supplies last.
    Currently Available: 8 Iron, 5 Gold, 2 Diamond

    Server: Smp6
    Location: 12975

    Don't know what supporter vouchers are ? Check them out here on our wiki!

    For more information on the perks you receive for the coordinating voucher check here.

    Thanks and have a great day! :D
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  2. Is it possible to list the price here? Hoping to be on sometime tomorrow to check it out if not.
  3. As you wish, here are the following prices. ;)
    Iron - 105,000r
    Gold - 220,000r
    Diamond - 420,000r
  4. Lowered pricing a bit!
    Iron - 100,000
    Gold - 215,000
    Diamond - 412,000
  5. Thread closed as requested.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.