[Selling] Dual Blaze SPAWNERS

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  1. Ill think about it :)
  2. I will get on Teamspeak to speak with you about this.
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  3. just got on TS
  4. Is it 2 double sets if so pm me more info
  5. It's 2 spawners close enough to be a dual.
  6. Im confused is it a double or quad
  7. I don't see how you can still be confused about this.
    There are a total of 2 spawners. Those 2 spawners are close enough together to make a dual.
    This would make a dual blaze grinder once built.
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  8. which smp is it?
  9. Deal in progress with 333kirby.
    If he doesn't want it due to the SMP, I'll let you know :)
  10. Ill take it :) how much are we talking?
    Im ready for a bid war 333kirby
  11. Edit: Sold
  12. Sorry man, just not allowed to auction coordinates. Had to go down the list first come first serve until I found a buyer.
    I've got plenty more glowstone hunting to do, so I may find more :)
  13. Let me be the first to know :)
  14. Oh god. Sorry to bump this. but was this spawner on SMP8?
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  15. Within 1k of spawn, or close?